Vintage Girl Scout Online Museum

My mission for the Vintage Girl Scout Online Museum is to research and share information on Girl Scouting and Girl Guiding.

There are many wonderful websites out there that cover Girl Scout recipes, songs, crafts and such, but if you want to know how old your Brownie camera or khaki badge is - this is the place for you.                                                        

My interest is mostly in the tangible things of Girl Scouting. Things you can hold and touch. I see a Girl Scout canteen and I wonder; how old is it? how many different kinds of GS canteens were made? what type of fabric was used for the canteen holder? and on and on. I read about a former Girl Scout campsite and I want to know the story of it; where is it located, why did it close, what was its name, who was it named after and why, how many acres, what did the lodge look like? My curiosity seems to be endless when it concerns Girl Scouting.

I began collecting Girl Scout memorabilia without realizing it. One day I found an old handbook in the 25 cent bin at the Goodwill. I adopted the book, more than bought it. Soon I was picking up old uniforms, handbooks and such not really thinking of what I was going to do with it all. My sister donated her sash to the cause, as did many other wonderful people. Every military move made me realize how many boxes were marked "GS". Now that my kids are grown (I'm a grandma) I'm able to display some of this things in my home office. While searching the internet one day, I found myself daydreaming of an online web site that shared GS information with other collectors -
 and the Vintage Girl Scout Online Museum was born. 

The Vintage Girl Scout Online Museum keeps growing and evolving. What first began as a showcase for my Girl Scout pin collection now covers all aspects of Girl Scouts.

People from all walks of life share their Girl Scout memories, pictures and knowledge to help keep the museum going.

Enjoy your visit - and don't be a stranger!

Nancy, the Vintage Girl Scout