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Girl Scouts On Magazine Covers


Girl Scouts have long been a favorite image on magazine covers - reflecting a wholesome outlook on life.


The Independent, 1920

Collier's Nov 11, 1920

American Legion Weekly May 9, 1924

Literary Digest October 192?


1924 Norman Rockwell's Girl Scout with Daniel Boone




The Youth's Companion

April 15, 1926





1929, Mid-Week Pictorial magazine

 showing a "typical Girl Scout" Miss Jean Borchers

Pictorial Review
September 1929
Artist: McClelland Barclay


August, year unknown



GRIT magazine, 1931

Country Gentlemen June 1932



March 1933, Good Housekeeping

 Cover by Jessica Wilcox Smith

 two Girl Scouts with magnifying glass

looking at Pussy Willow tree

Article page 32-33, & 208:

“Scouting the Scout” by Mary Margaret McBride


Christian Herald Oct 1933

April 23, 1934 Literary Digest


 Herald 1935


Christian Herald July 1937



Everybody's Weekly March 19.1945


Life Magazine June 1945

Polly Pigtails August 1946


People and Places July 1952


Western Family 1952

Calling All Girls

On My Honor, The Story of the Girl Scouts

March 1958


This Week Magazine

Sunday Bulletin Magazine 1962

Girl Scout on TV GUIDE, 1962


Flower & Garden - likely 1962, promoting the Brownie Girl Scout Marigold,

offered for the 50th Anniversary.

Children's Playmate

Nov. 1974, Woman's Homecraft.

Debbie Reynolds:

What The Girl Scouts Mean To Me


Girl Scouts on the covers of The New Yorker


Aug 24, 1942


July 30, 1949

Aug 4, 1951

May 9, 1959

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