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Girl Scout model: Jane Freese of Chicago

 Miss Jean Borchers, of Chicago, was the "Poster Girl" for Girl Scouts from 1929 to around 1930.

Girl Scout model - Jean Borchers?
Artist - Karl Johnson

Girl Scout model: Barbara Smith of Darien, PA.
Artist: Paul Martin

She was also the cover model to the 1933 equipment catalog,
If you look carefully, the image in the newspaper clipping is not the same as the poster and catalog. She's saluting in the clipping (hand to hat), but raising 3 fingers on the other items.

Character build a Nation - Girl Scouts build Character - 1934

This poster image appeared in many places, here it's on the cover of the Silver Jubilee Camp brochure at Camp Andree in 1937, the July 1937 Christian Herald and the American Girl cover.

Reprinted in poster size, available in catalog.

Girl Scouts Today - Leaders of Tomorrow

Girl Scouts - Health, Courage, Leadership
Artist: Lawrence Wilbur

Girl Scouts Look Ahead - 1939
Artist: Lawrence Wilbur

From 1935 until 1967 Time Inc. produced movie reels that were shown in movie theaters. Apparently in 1940, they showed a montage of Girl Scout posters!

Girl Scout model: Betty Bredin
Artist: Bradshaw Crandell

You Lead Today - They'll Lead Tomorrow

Girl Scout model: Helen Wicklund
Artist: unknown

Citizenship In Action Around The World - Girl Scouting - 1945

Girl Scout model: Joan Lineen
Artist: unknown

Better Citizens Build a Better World

This says "one of the 1948 Girl Scout posters...". Still on the hunt for others.


Girl Scout model: Ann Jordan of Brooklyn, NY
Artist: unknown

Photographer - Mike Roberts

Girl Scouts - a growing force for freedom

Girl Scouts - a growing force for freedom

Believe, Belong, Build

Girl Scouting - Values to Hold, Worlds to Explore

Today's Vision, Tomorrow's World - Girl Scouts of the United States of America







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