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This page is devoted to discovering those rare moments when Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, other youth programs, or something I refer to as Mock-Scouts (made-up youth programs) are seen on TV shows.

Intermediate Girl Scout, Boy Scout and Mitch Miller in Boy Scout Leader's uniform, Cover of TV Guide, July 1962

TV Show

Date and other information

Hawaii Five-0

Season 7, Episode 19

Puka'ana (Exit or Exodus)

Aloha Girls Troop 1138 is selling Aloha Girls Cookies in 4 flavors; Caramel Smores, Choc-o-mint wafers, coconut oatmeal and Hawaiian shortbreads.

Season 3, Episode 10

Hauka'i Kula (Field Trip)

Aloha Girls go on a camping trip with typical Hawaii 5-0 adventures.

Gomer Pyle USMC

"Gomer Maneuvers"
Season 5 Episode 21

Girl Scout camp accidentally located in the war-games area.

Marines raid the Girl Scout camp early in the morning.

Only a brief scene of Girl Scouts in uniform, while the girls were in the station wagon. Their uniforms appear correct as well.

Screen shots of actors Jim Nabors and Mable Albertson as Gomer and Miss Beasterfeldt (Girl Scout Leader). She is in the correct adult uniform with the correct pins for 1969.

Sgt. Carter and Sgt. Hacker bet $50 on whose platoon will win the "war-games." In the end, Sgt. Carter technically wins, but is "invited" to buy 100 boxes of Girl Scout cookies (at 50 cents each) for the men of both platoons.

Gomer Pyle USMC
"Gomer, the Good Samaritan"
originally aired December 22, 1967
Season 4, Episode 16

Gomer, while in Los Angeles, helps a Den Mother and her Cub Scouts - who have missed their bus - reach Disneyland.

Screen shot

Season 1, Episode 16

Elizabeth is an assistant leader worried about her first camping trip with the Girl Scouts. She asks her husband Alvin to quiz her using the Girl Scout Handbook.

Other than the Girl Scout handbook, nothing more is seen about Girl Scouting. The skit ends in the living room.

Betty White as Elizabeth and Del Moore as Alvin holding the Girl Scout handbook.


Howdy Doody and Buffalo Bob, along with 2 Brownies, celebrate the 38th Anniversary of Girl Scouting.
Publicity Photo, public domain

Season 4

Screen shot of Danny Thomas, the back of Mary Wickes head, Cub Scout in uniform (left) and the Cub Scout Flag (right)

The Carol Burnett Show

Carol as Alice Portony - Fireside Girls of America

(top group of screen shots)
Season 6, episode 19, date Feb 20, 1973
Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman and John Byner in a skit,
 Alice is kidnapped by robbers.

(bottom group of screen shots)
Season 8, episode 14, 1975
Carol Burnett and Vincent Price
Alice exhorts money from Vincent Price

one other known skit aired on March 10, 1969

Phineas & Ferb
Loyal Sisterhood of Fireside Girls

The Mike Douglas Show
Syndicated Daily Talk Show

Air Date: 1973

Mike Douglas and co-host Florence Henderson and three Girl Scouts promoting the new Girl Scout cookbook.

Big Bang Theory

Season 8, Episode 20

"Fortification Implementation"

Air Date April 9, 2015

Family Affair
Season 2, Episode 6

Air Date: 10/16/1967

Buffy becomes a Brownie, briefly.

Anderson Cooper's Show
date unknown

Snooki says the Girl Scout Promise with help from Girl Scouts.

March 2, 2015
Fox Network

Using Girl Scout cookies, the members of The Real whip up some interesting treats.

Part of the 1st annual National Girl Scout Cookie Recipe Contest.

Submitted by Carol:
Another show to add to the listing of GS on TV,
In Sunday's (Nov 22, 2015) episode of "Blue Bloods", DA Erin Reagan was talking with another lawyer in her office about a case (was the client lying or not), and one of them said, "What are you - a Girl Scout?"
Sent in by Amanda:

In Season 8 Episode 1 of Curb Your Enthusiasm a Girl Scout comes to the door and asks Larry David if he likes Girl Scout cookies. He says, "I find them abhorrent." but he still orders five boxes of each kind. A problem arises and later in the episode he doesn't want to pay for the cookies but commends the girls on their demographics. More Girl Scouts show up with the cookies at the end of the episode and demand their money. It gets a bit rambunctious and Larry proclaims, "I am not going to be intimidated by a bunch of Girl Scouts." The episode leaves you thinking the girls are going to get their way in the end.


Air Date: 10 July 2011

Although this episode of Bachelor Father
 (season 1/episode2) is titled
"Bentley versus the Girl Scouts",
his niece Kelly is actually a member of the Trailfinders and their uniforms look decidedly
Camp Fire Girl-ish.

As the girls are boarding the bus to go camping in Griffith Park overnight, the leader mentions to Bentley that they'll be safe because she has her "big, ole shotgun".

Noreen Corcoran as Kelly Gregg (left) and Diane Brewster as leader
Marilyn Hesselroth

Bernadette Withers as Troop Leader Grabowski

Season 3 episode 10

Actress Mae Whitman as a mock Girl Scout.

The Lucy Show

Season 2, episode 18
"Lucy teaches Ethel Merman to sing"

Scouting related

Lucy and Ethel Merman are helping a Cub Scout troop

Hallmark Hall of Fame TV Movie

Season 1 episode 11

Juliette Low and the Girl Scouts

Shown March 9, 1952

Cake Wars

Food Network

August 17, 2015

Season 1
Mork and Mindy
"Mork The Gullible"

Robin Williams as Mork and Dana Hill as "Girl Scout"

I've Got A Secret
(Game Show)

Parks and Recreation
Season 4, Episode 4

Girl Scout Look-Alikes
Pawnee Godesses

Captain Kangaroo
Season 7, Episode 161
Daily Children's Show

On March 12, 1962 (and 1966) the Captain Kangaroo show featured the 50th Anniversary of Girl Scouting and explained what the Girl Scouts were.

Stock photo
Saturday Night Live
Gilda Radner as Judy Miller, Brownie Scout

Everybody Loves Raymond
Season 6, Episode 15

Girl Scout Look-Alikes
Frontier Girls

Screen shot of Everybody Loves Raymond, Season 6, Episode 15, Cookies

The Martha Stewart Show

May 7, 2012, the episode was dedicated to Girl Scouts.
Hallmark Channel

The Loretta Young

Sent in by Jane Garnett
To Tell The Truth
(Game Show)

January 1976


Governor's daughter was a Girl Scout 
and was seen in at least one episode in full uniform.

TV Reader's Digest



Reality TV Island
Character Brownie Betty


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