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Girl Scout Camps - California






Camp Agnes Moody
Creston Road, Berkley Hills, CA - 1931 era
Tilden Park, Berkley, CA - 1939 era
Lake Temescal Girls Clubhouse - 1941 era
Named after Dr. Agnes Claypole Moody (1870-1954), native of Bristol, England who was the first Girl Scout Commissioner in the Berkley area,
 noted mover and shaker in local clubs, first female city councilwoman of Berkley and technically the Mayor of Berkley (for one day).
Camp was no longer mentioned in the newspapers after 1942.




Camp Airway
Bay Farm Island
Alameda, CA



Camp Arequipa
Arequipa Day Camp
Camp Arequipa is one of those camps with a location that has a long history. Possibly the site of "an old Indian burial ground", as noted in a newspaper clipping, it was also the site of of the Arequipa Sanatorium for women with tuberculosis who learned pottery as a way to spend time, learn a craft and help support the place. Arequipa Pottery is highly collectible today and is remembered in some of the Girl Scout patches from the camp.
 Arequipa means "a place of rest."

The 50th Anniversary of Camp Arequipa patch and pin honor the Arequipa Pottery history.

The Arequipa Day Camp online gift shop offers several cute 
and useful items.





Camp Arnaz
Arnaz Program Center
Rancho Arnaz Program Center
near Oak View, CA
37 acres

The local council produced a cookbook to raise funds
for the Rancho Arnaz Program Center.




Camp Asito



Camp Aventura
Glendora, CA
295 acres
Land purchased from Judge Charles Silent of Glendora, CA
Still active in 1969




Camp Azalea Trails
north of Idyllwild, CA
San Jacinto Mountains

Some postcard themes...

... are eternal.




Girl Scout Camp at Bass Lake




Camp Bear Paw
north of Nevada City, CA




Camp Big Pines
possibly Lake Jackson, CA




Camp Bon Accord
Big Santa Anita Canyon, CA



Camp Bonita
No location given, however there is a historical Camp Bonita in California, that may or may not be the same location.





Camp Bothin
Henry E. Bothin Youth Center
3125 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, near Fairfax, CA
Camp Bothin and Camp Arequipa are located on next to each other, and share the history of the property.
Total area approximately 1200 acres




Camp Butano Creek
1370 Butano Canyon
near Pescadero, CA





Camp Cachuma
Lake Cachuma, CA




Camp Caula
Los Padres National Forest, CA
Camp Fire Girl's campsite




Camp Cawatre
This camp seems to have an unclear history. In 1941 report found online the Girl Scout Camp Cawatre was noted as being "closed years ago" and another 
source notes the camp was used 1958-1984. More research will be needed.
Bruce Church, successful business man who is credited with figuring out a way to ship iceberg lettuce cross county, apparently financed the camp.
Cawatre - Camp, Water, Trees



Camp Cedarbrook
Tuolomne County, CA
30 acres




Camp Chaparral
Big Basin, Redwood State Park, CA
Pacific Regional Camp
National Girl Scout Training Camp for adults and resident camp for older Girl Scouts.
 Younger Girl Scouts could camp at other campsites in the Big Basin area such as Deep Woods and Huckleberry Woods.

Camp Chaparral brochures from 1931 thru 1942.

Camp life at Camp Chaparral lasted from
two weeks, four weeks or six weeks.

Polio epidemics were cause of serious concern.

This well known photo is of Vaal Stark in her office (all outdoors)
at Camp Chaparral.




Camp Chinquapin
formerly Camp Stanislaus
 Pinecrest, CA
8 acres




Camp Condor
Cerro Noresto, CA
Property owned by the West Side Children's Camp Association, and operated by the U.S. Forestry Service.




Camp Conifer
Girl Scout Camp at Arrowbear Lake
near Running Springs, San Bernardino County, CA




Davidson Lodge
Julian, CA




Camp Deep Woods
Companion camp (for younger Girl Scouts) to Camp Chaparral.
Big Basin, Redwood State Park, CA




Camp Deer Lake
Nevada County, CA




Camp Duquesne
Tall Pine, CA



Camp Eda
Matilija Lake, Lyons Springs, CA
Opened 1936, condemned and closed 1947
Replaced by Camp Tecuya



Camp Edwards
Redlands on the Santa Ana River, Barton Flats area, CA
YWCA property




Camp El-O-Win
Dinkey Creek, CA
66 acres
Land donated by local business man, Robert Grimmett.

This website is delightful, supports

Camp El-O-Win, and has a great

patch collection.




Camp El Potrero
Camp El Potrero de la Cienega
The pasture in the marsh
36000 Tanaja Truck Trail
Cleveland National Forest, Lake Elsinore, CA





Camp El Ranchito
Day Camp
Long Beach, CA




Camp Eucalyptus
"behind" the California School for the Blind





Camp Far Away Mine
Camp Faraway Mine
Alta, CA




Camp Fleischmann
Lake Napoken (renamed Lake Fleischman)
About 10 miles north of Chester, CA
BSA property
Named after Major & Mrs. Max C. Fleischmann, who donated a large portion of the funds for the camp purchase.

Formerly Lake Napoken, renamed Lake Fleischmann
Google Maps




Camp Fleming
near Somerset, CA
400 acres




Fourth of July Cove
Santa Catalina Island, Los Angeles, CA
(one of two Girl Scout camps on the island)




Gold Lake Girl Scout Camp
Portola, CA




Camp Gold Run
Lake Vera, CA




Girl Scout Camp at Greenhorn Mountain Camp



Camp Hidden Falls
near Santa Cruz, CA
90 acres




Camp Huckleberry Woods
Big Basin, CA




Indian Rock Ranch
near Hemet, CA






Camp Kawaeah



Camp Lakota
Los Padres National Forest

Future actress and author Carrie Fisher ( Princess Leia of Star Wars) and her mother, the famous
Debbie Reynolds, who was also a National Girl Scout Piper, were part
of the dedication of the new pool at Camp Lakota.




Camp Manzanita
Angeles National Forest, near Wrightwood, CA



Camp Mariposa
corner of Santa Rosa and Mariposa Avenues, Altadena, CA
Dedicated July 17, 1958
A regular participant in the Pasadena Flower Garden Tours




Camp Mariposa Meadows
The original name of Camp Timberloft



Camp Meadow Rocks



Camp Menaluta



Camp Menzies
Camp Connell, Arnold, CA




Camp Michigan-California
Camp Michigan-Cal
Angeles National Forest, CA
named after it's location on the Michigan-California Lumber Company site. Replaced Camp Peavine.





Camp Mission Ranch
Oceanside, CA



Camp Mountain Meadows
Greenhorn Mountain, Sequoia National Forest, CA





Camp Na-Wa-Kwa
Camp Mendocino Woodlands
Girl Scout Camp at Mendocino Woodlands
Mendocino County, CA




Camp O Ko' So Da
Barton Flats, CA
Camp Fire Girl property



Camp Osito Rancho
Camp Osito with adjoining Camp Rancho
Osito Rancho Outdoor Leadership Center
Big Bear Lake, CA
160 acres
Site of an All States Encampment, Big Tree Region Senior Encampment and a Los Angeles Regional Encampment
Lou Henry Hoover Wildlife Sanctuary
Osito Rancho = Bear Ranch






Camp Padua
Angeles Girl Scout Council
no other information found



Camp Pajarito
near Chilao Flats, CA
Pajarito = Little Bird




Camp Peavine
near Icehouse Reservoir, CA
Closed after fire destroyed campsite. Replaced by Camp Michigan-California.




Camp Redwood
west end of Lake Sequoia, CA
160 acres




Camp Renwickiup
Black Arrow Road, Santa Clara, CA




Camp Riverglen
Camp River Glen
San Bernardino National Forest



Camp Rucker
near Emigrant Gap, CA
in use  1969-1970




Camp Sandierra
Clark Fork, Stanislaus National Forest, CA




Camp San Emigdio
Camp San Emigdio Tecuya
Frazier State Park, CA




Camp Scherman
Camp Joe Scherman
700 acres
Named after the 1st California State Ranger who was instrumental in arranging the purchase of the property from the Wellmans.




Camp Seely
Crestline, CA
Property owned by the City of Los Angeles 



Camp Shadowbrook
Conowings, Big Basin, CA
Site of an All-States Encampment
Closed 1934 during a Polio epidemic and offered a unique alternative, the camp program was delivered weekly through the newspaper, for the Girl Scouts to follow.
Units: Huckleberries, Azaleas, Firs, Redwoods and Madrons

As the camp was closed due to a polio outbreak, 
the camp program was delivered through the newspaper!




 Skyland Ranch
12 miles south of Banning, CA
195 acres



Camp Skyland Trails



Skylark Ranch
near the Santa Cruz/San Mateo County line,CA





Camp Sky  Meadow
Assumedly near Camp Shadowbrook



Camp Sky Oaks
Fairfax, CA





Camp Singing Pines
Angeles Crest Forest, CA

The old lodge burned the year before.



Camp Sonora
Mother Lode Foothills, four miles from Sonora
formerly Fremont Acres
sold in 1974




Camp Stanislaus
Girl Scout Camp at Pinecrest
Pinecrest, CA
Christened in 1928




Camp Sugar Pine
52 Sugar Pine Rd, Camp Connell, CA




Camp Tapawingo
Cuyamaca State Park, CA
formerly a CCC camp
First Girl Scout Camp held June 1938
Brownie Camp: Oyanehanko
Senior Camp: Nawati




Camp Tautona
Barton Flats, CA




Camp Tecuya
11701 Frontier Road, Frazier Park, CA 
 Los Padres National Forest
Land donated to Girl Scouts 1947
Dedicated Sept 30, 1961
17 acres
Named after a Native American chief.
Replacement site for the closed Camp Eda, combined with Camp San Emigdio in 1962





Camp Timberloft
Originally named Mariposa Meadows in 1946
Sierra National Forest, CA





Camp Tioga
5.5 miles from Wawona, CA



Girl Scout Camp at Twin Canyon




Camp Two Sentinels
Kirkwood Lake, CA




Camp Wasiu #1
2 miles from Meeks Bay, Lake Tahoe, CA
Lou Henry Hoover Memorial Sanctuary

Camp Wasiu #2
Tahoe National Forest, Sierra City, CA

Camp Wi-Wo-Ca
Wildwood Canyon, CA

Camp Whispering Oaks
Julian, CA

Camp White's Landing
Santa Catalina Island, Los Angeles, CA
(second of two Girl Scout camps on the island)

Camp White Meadow
El Dorado National Forest, CA

Camp Winacka
4720 Boulder Creek Road, Julian, CA
625 acres

Camp Woodhaven
LaHonda Road, near Redwood City, CA
28 acres