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Camp Ada
4731 W County Road 600 S, Spiceland, IN
named after donor Mrs. Ada Anderson
87 acres


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Camp Ada-Boy-Holliday
White River Camp
76th Street & College Ave., Indianapolis, IN
Named after Mrs. C. Willis Adams, Bert Boyd, and Alex Holliday

A young Girl Scout with the camp dogs.

76th and College Ave today
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Agnes S. McMillen 
Camp Agnes McMillen
McMillen Program Center
17107 Griffin Road Huntertown, IN 46748
originally 70 acres, currently 103 acres

Dale W. McMillen and his wife Agnes Stewart McMillen donated the land of Camp Agnes S. McMillen to the Girl Scouts sometime in the late 1940s.
 The camp was known to be active in 1949. Dale was the founder of the successful Central Soya Co. and of many other business adventures, and was well known in the community with philanthropic and civic projects.
 McMillen Park in Fort Wayne, Indiana is named after them. 
Dale and Agnes both died in April 1971, within a few days of each other. 
The Gathering Center opened in 1996, and the Friendship House opened in 1997.

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Camp Apple Acres
Apple Acres Program Center
Camp Farr
40 acres


Camp Belmont
Belmont Center
Belmont Preserve and Outdoor Education Center
283 acres

Property was donated by the famed Alfred C. Kinsey and his wife, Clara, to the Girl Scouts. Alfred Kinsey was an Eagle Scout and had a life long love of gardening and the outdoors.
Their donation is remembered with the Kinsey Interpretive Nature Trail.


Girl Scout Camp at Beverly Shores
Beverly Shores, IN

Camp Buffalo
BSA property
Buffalo, IN

Camp Butternut Springs
originally 129 acres
Formally dedicated July 8, 1957

 Butternut Springs was well known to the local community long before the Girl Scouts started the camp there. Early records note that the Native Americans knew the area for its "healing waters." Dr. Axel and Bertha Ellguth Norgard (alt. spelling Norgaard) were the owners who sold the property to the Girl Scouts. Danish immigrant Dr. Norgard, a Chicago dentist, purchased Butternut Springs around 1920, worked and developed the land  for years. An avid gardener and farmer, Butternut Springs was renowned for it's delphiniums, dahlias, apples, as well as livestock. Wildlife abounded, but no hunting was allowed. The civic minded Norgard home was often the site of group meetings, picnics and even weddings. The land was sold to the Girl Scouts in 1956. The camp was officially dedicated July 8, 1957.

The Trail Tree is clearly a beloved landmark.

Vintage postcards of Butternut Springs.

A college of Butternut Springs patches, three show the Trail Tree.
 Linda Mathis sent in the lower left patch image.

Google Map of Butternut Springs

Castle Manor Girl Scout Camp
Merrifield Park
Mishawaka, IN

Camp Dellwood
2301 North Girls School Road  Indianapolis, IN 
Property donated to Girl Scouts by former Girl Scout Dorothy Dell.

Sadly, the photo mentioned in this article was not available.

A collage of Camp Dellwood patches and a vintage postcard of the swimming pool.

The Old Union Cemetery is part of the camp.

Images of the Lodge and Mender Cabin from the 1964 Girl Scout Camping brochure of the
Hoosier Capital Girl Scout Council, Inc.



Camp Ella J. Logan
Camp Logan
230 EMS Lane, D14, Syracuse, IN
Dewart's Lake 
According to the local council's website, the original name for this camp was "Camp Nirvana" (1928) but was renamed for the estate of Ella J. Logan in 1929, who willed the property to the Girl Scouts.
Somewhere along the line they dropped the "Ella J." part.
220 acres

Back when you went "motoring" to camp!

Google Maps

Vintage postcards of Camp Ella J. Logan

International Guider visited the camp.

Camp Ella J. Logan gained some notoriety in 2008 when aproximately
5000 marijuana plants were found on the property,
growing in an unused swampy area.
No Girl Scouts were involved.
It did, however, lead to many jokes.

Camp Gallahue
Dudley Gallahue Valley Girl Scout Camp
Camp was named after donor Dudley R. Gallahue, an Indiana Insurance Executive in 1956.
Originally 400 acres 

Girl Scout Camp at Goose Lake
Etna-Troy, IN

Camp Hawthorne Trails
60 acres

The property north of Zionsville, Camp Hawthorne Trails, 
is just east of Michigan Road and north of State Road 32. 
The wooded tract, which includes a stream, two cabins and a small lodge,
 is listed for $1.36 million, or about $20,000 an acre.


Girl Scout Camp at Indian Springs
held two "camps" ; Camp Three Arrows and Camp Ko-Ko-Mo
1934, 1935

Camp Ioka
Clear Lake, Fort Wayne, Allen Co., IN

Camp John Claire
Batesville, IN
1936 through at least 1949
Day Camp

Camp Henry F. Koch
Camp Koch
SR 66 East, Cannelton, IN
Note to be confused with Camp Henry F. Koch/Camp Koch for Crippled Children near Troy, IN

Camp Henry F. Koch is the lucky home of one of the famous Moon-Trees

vintage postcard of a campfire at Camp Koch

Camp Kikthawenund
near Frankton, IN
BSA property

Camp Kokiwanee
3.5 miles from Lagro, IN, on the Salamonie River
Sold to ACRES Land Trust
Kokowanee Nature Preserve
Home of a notable 20 foot waterfall, however the 1943 newspaper article notes that there were three 20 foot waterfall on the property.
The name of the camp appears to be a blend of Kokomo Kiwanis, who spearheaded the fund raising for the purchase of the camp.
From the camp you could listen to the jingle, to the rumble and the roar ... of the Wabash Cannonball.

An unusual concern of the day - would Prisoners of War
be living near the camp?

The life and times of a Girl Scout Camp often played out in the newspapers.
The opening of the camp was delayed due to heavy rains and flooding.
Just what is a 100 lb. refrigerator?

Google Maps

Camp Ladigrau
1933, currently "resting"
3 miles NE of Osgood, IN
Named for surrounding areas Lawrenceburg, Dillsboro, Greendale and Aurora
74 acres

Camp Meadowbrook
1946 in Burns Ditch (Burns Harbor) area
moved in 1963 to County Rd. 700 North

Camp Munsee
off Burlington Pike, Selma, IN
47 acres
1937, sold in 2010

Camp was sold to the Red-Tail Conservancy group 
201 E Jackson Street # 121
Muncie, IN 47305-2832

in 2010 for $150,000, thereby avoiding conflict
with the descendants of E. Arthur Bell, 
who wanted the land to remain available to youth.

Camp Na-Wa-Kwa
Camp Nawakwa
South Haven/Poland, IN
239 acres

Camp Nissaki
Dunes State Park, IN

Camp Paxton
4 miles from Winamac, IN
1926, sold 1956
named after William G. Paxton, generous banker of Hammond, IN who donated the property.

The Tri Kappa Sorority built and furnished the camp hospital.

Camp Pearsenowa
Wabash, IN

Camp Pottawattomie
Camp Pottowatomie
Camp Pottowattomie
everyone had their own way to spell it!
not to be confused with Girl Scout Camp Pottowatomie in Wisconsin.

Tippecanoe River, near Winamac, IN

Camp Red Mill
east of Otis, IN

As it appears today; Camp Red Mill Lake, owned by the county.

Camp Shueela
Roann, IN

The balloons drifted to Richwood, WV!

Camp Singing Hills
238 acres
54864 County Rd, 33, Middlebury, IN
Dedicated Oct 28, 1966, officially closed Jan 1, 2011
sold at auction

Camp Soni Springs is technically in Michigan
Check Girl Scout Camps - Michigan

Sycamore Valley Girl Scout Camp
8439 State Road 26 East, Tippecanoe Co., IN
160 acres

Google Maps

Camp Talitha
155 acres
now privately owned

A college from the real estate photos.

real estate description of Camp Talitha

Camp Tanglewood
The land of the camp was the site of the former Madison County Tuberculosis Hospital.
It was leased to the Girl Scouts
The camp was named by Mrs. H.P. Cook, a known conservationist and wildlife enthusiast.
The 25 acre camp bordered the White River, and the address given was simply "East 10th Street, Anderson, IN"
There must have been some difficulty in keeping the area in shape, as "cleaning blitzes" were routinely organized.
1953, last mentioned in newspapers 1977

Camp Tepicon
Tippecanoe State Park, near Winamac, IN



Camp Tulip Trace - Bradford Woods, north of Martinsville, IN


Camp Wapi Kamigi
Originally 68 acres
In 1929, the land was donated by Ralph and Nellie Teetor, who owned the neighboring land and helped to dam the river for Scout Lake.
The Girl Scout camp did not seem to come forth until much later.
Ral-Nel-Tee was the dining lodge, Wacogis was the staff lodge.
Closed 1995, sold much later - now in private ownership.

Rare Cork Trees were planted at 
Wapi Kamigi in 1964

Camp Windigo
Grant Co, near Upland, IN
Purchased for $90,000
Pool open 1968

How many S & H green stamps did it take to buy a truck for Camp Windigo? 1,410,000.



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