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 Anne Jackson Memorial Camp
Camp Anne Jackson
79 acres

It's interesting to note that there is no indication that Anne Jackson ever lived or visited New Hampshire, or that she was ever a Girl Scout. The land that the camp sits on was owned by  Dr. Fordyce Coburn and his wife, Eleanor Hallowell Abbott Colburn (both of Lowell, MA) - who's claim to fame was being the author of Molly Make-Believe [1911 -  which was also made into a movie (1916) of the same name] and of several other children short stories and magazine articles. At that time, the land was called Rollo Farm, in honor of Eleanor's grandfather, Jacob Abbot (born in Hallowell, Maine) who aside from being well accomplished, wrote the Rollo series of childrens books. 

The Coburns moved to the Wilton, CT property from Lowell, MA. It was a haven for artists. Later it was willed to Massachusetts friends Patrick and Anne Jackson, because the Coburns had no heirs. Dr. Fordyce Colburn died after 1930 and before 1948, was cremated and buried under an apple tree at Rollo Farm. Eleanor died June 6, 1958, was cremated and buried somewhere on Rollo Farm. Later, when Anne died, Patrick gave the property to the Girl Scouts with the stipulation that the land be remembered in his wife's name. 
And so it was.
Little of the original buildings remained on the camp property. The camp lodge was first used by Eleanor as a work studio. One newspaper reports that upstairs in the lodge was a painting on the wall depicting several of Eleanor's favorite characters of her many short stories.
Recently the decision was made by the Girl Scouts to sell the property.
Anne Jackson Memorial Camp will soon be no more.

Girl Scout Camp at Beaver Brook

Camp Chenoa
Gregg Lake, Antrim, NH
300 acres

Clover Ridge Farm Girl Scout Camp
Clover Ridge Lodge
80 Pease Rd, Laconia/Meredith, NH

Notable Girl Scout Helen Osborne Storrow opened up her 1763 farmhouse and  the 250 acre farm for summer Girl Scout camps.
It was officially dedicated July 28, 1928. 
In 1937 she handed the property over to the American Youth Hostel group for a school. 

Helen Osborn Storrow
Mrs. James J. Storrow
Mrs. James Jackson Storrow
September 22, 1864 - November 10, 1944


Camp Kettleford

Sebbins Pond, Bedford, NH
30 acres

Camp Menotomy
Lake Winnipesaukee, Meredith, NH
110 acres
Opened July 2, 1939
Menotomy means "place of swift water"

Monadnock Wilderness Area
no longer owned by Girl Scouts

Google Maps of the Monadock Wilderness area

Camp Piscataqua
East Barrington, NH
leased  1927-1931
purchased  1932
originally 90 acres

Girl Scout Day Camp at Rocky Haven
Rocky Pond, NH

Camp Runels
Girl Scout Day Camp Machagamee
Little Island Pond, Pelham, NH
300 acres
Tamarack Lodge
Units: Seven Stars, Midship, Oak Ridge,

Selling crafts to the visitors from the town of Lowell on July 27, 1938.

Camp Seawood
350 Banfield Rd, Portsmouth, NH
38 acres

Google Maps


Spruce Pond Girl Scout Camp at Bear Brook Reservation
Spruce Pond Girl Scout Camp at Bear Brook State Park
Girl Scout Camp at Bear Hill Pond
Girl Scout Camp at Bear Hill Point
Allentown, NH


Girl Scout Camp at Swan Pond

Sanbornville, NY

Camp Wabasso
Lake Blaisdel, Branford, NH

Google Maps

Camp Weetamoe
Lake Ossipee, Carroll Co., NH


Camp Wiyaka

Richmond, NH



New Girl Scout Camp at Wright's Pond
125 acres




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