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Agnes DeWitt Rolling Hills  
Amity Acres Ocean County  
Blue Heron Washington Rock

Eagle Island

image: Linda Mathis


Edge The Mainland Council of New Jersey included the towns of Linwood, Somers Point, and Northfield.

Robert Rodgers


Glen Spey

Hidden Valley Rolling Hills  
Knolltop - day camp Girl Scout Camps page: I don't know if you are interested in a basic "day camp" that operated in Raritan, NJ [name of the township changed to Edison in 1954]."Knolltop" was the name of the camp, located in Roosevelt Park.

There was a main cabin with sleeping loft and they did have "overnights" there. Girl Scouts earned badges while attending. There were wood seated latrines [each group had their turn at latrine duty] and even though there was electricity, there was an old "ice box" in the cabin and ice blocks were delivered.

I attended 1954, 55, 56 and eventually became a counselor. - I remember songs around the flagpole, taps and learning how to handle and fold the American flag. We had metal craft, and pottery/ceramics and lanyard making, etc. And I fondly remember the large juice can "buddy burners" and frying eggs and making pancakes on them after an overnight and, of course, s'mores!

The camp was probably in operation during the 50's, 60's and 70's. Maybe longer. I live in CA now and don't know for sure, but I think the camp is no longer in operation. Jeanne Romano

Lou Henry Hoover

opened 1953, 340 acres

Hudsonia (closed)

(online resource 1999) The Morris Land Conservancy teamed with Rockaway Township to purchase this former Girl Scout Camp, Camp Hudsonia from Jersey City after 4 and 1/2 years of negotiations. The Township will refurbish the dam for the beautiful Lake Hudsonia and rebuild ball fields on a portion of the property. The remaining 70 acres of forest will be permanently protected open space. A parking area in the park portion of the property will allow hikers a new access point to the Farny Highlands Trail Network. 

Camp was founded by Mrs. Carrie Frank Wagner a little before 1925, at Denville, NJ


Robert Rodgers



Donna K.

Donna K.
Camp Inawendiwin NJ Camden County Girl Scout PAtch 1972
Jockey Hollow

Happy Holidays, new equestrian center at Jockey Hollow postcard


Kettle Run A memorial fund was established in 1979 when Marthanne Klugman passed away.  
Letico Roselle

Madeleine Mulford

Stokes State Forest, active 1932 & 1937

Namoco Monmouth Co.  
Oak Spring Enviromental Center Delaware-Raritan  
Sakajawea Day Camp, 143 acres


225 acres

Sheppard's Mill  

Te-Ata Lenni-Lenape  



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