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Girl Scout Camps - New Mexico


Girl Scout Camp at Air Base City
Air Base City, NM


Apodaca Park

Las Cruces, NM

Camp Ares

Jornado Experimental Range,NM

Girl Scout Camp at Aspen Ranch
19 miles north of Santa Fe
9000 ft. elevation, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, NM

Girl Scout Camp at Bear Canyon
Lincoln National Forest, NM

Deming Girl Scout Camp
McSherry Farm, 7 miles east of Deming, NM

Camp Elliott Barker
near Angel Fire, Sangre de Cristo Mountains, NM
536 acres
Camp is named after Elliott S. Barker
a brief biography found online:

From 1909-1919 he worked for the U. S. Forest Service as a ranger and supervisor. For several years he worked at ranching until 1931, when he became Director of the Department of Game and Fish. Barker served in this capacity for 22 years. In 1950 Barker donated Smokey Bear, the bear cub rescued from the Capitan, New Mexico fire, to the U. S. Forest Service on behalf of the State Department of Game and Fish. Barker traveled with the bear to his new home in Washington, D. C.

Barker was the executive secretary of the New Mexico Wildlife and Conservation Association from 1959 to 1966. He published a book of poems and several books about his wilderness experiences including;

 When the Dogs Bark, Treed, and Beatty's Cabin .

Barker died April 3, 1988 in Santa Fe, he was 101.

Camp Elza Seligman
Camp Elsa Seligman
La Paliza Canyon, 7000 ft. elevation
60 miles northwest of Albuquerque
Santa Fe National Forest
The 14 acres of the camp was originally donated by the prominent Jewish business family, the Seligmans, to the Boy Scouts of America in 1930, who used the area for a few years but abandoned after a serious fire. The land was offered to the Girl Scouts of the USA, who accepted the property and quickly put it to use. It was named in honor of Seigfried and Meta Seligman's daughter, Elza, who enjoyed Girl Scouting and had died in 1927. Later, when the site proved too small for the growing Girl Scout population, the Seligman family donated $6,000 to the camp fund to purchase Camp Rancho del Chaparral.

Elza and her father Siegfried's headstone at the Congregation Albert Cemetery, Albuquerque, NM.

Horse unit at Camp Elza Seligman

One of the many camp mascots over the years. This one was Laddie, 
who was known to fetch whatever tool was needed by the camp manager!

Latitude. 35.71028°, Longitude. -106.62222°

Eunice Girl Scout Day Camp
Eunice, NM

Camp Mary White
Lincoln National Forest
near Cloudcroft, Penasco Mountains, NM
Formally Dedicated July 30, 1931


Thank goodness for the CCC firefighters!

Mary's father passes away. He was instrumental in setting up Camp Mary White.

This version of the
Buried Treasure Story
was in the 1963 edition of
American Girl.

Does anyone have an original Camp Mary White pin, or the Sterling Silver replica charm? or
the "Fifty Years of Camping Memories" book? or a 50th Anniversary patch?
Please send in an image!!!!

A group has purchased the camp property:  
Support the cause, buy something! 

N 32.83593 and W -105.59804.

Nice short history of Mary White and the camp. 

Girl Scout Camp at Navajo School
Toadlena, NM

Campo de Noche
Camp Noche

Camp  Rancho del Chaparral

1200 acres, Jemez Mountains
22 miles east of Cuba, NM
Formal Dedication July 13, 1969

400 books donated to camp.

El Bosque and El Prado

A touching memorial at Camp Rancho del Chaparral - images are from online memorial

Girl Scout Day Camp at Ross Ranch
4 miles south of Albuquerque, NM

 Girl Scout Camp at Sandia Conference Grounds
 Sandoval County, NM Elevation 8,064 feet. 

Girl Scout Camp at Sandia Base

Sandia Base was, from 1946 to 1971, the principal nuclear weapons installation of the United States Department of Defense. It was located on the southeastern edge of Albuquerque, New Mexico. For twenty-five years, the top-secret Sandia Base and its subsidiary installation, Manzano Base, carried on the atomic weapons research, development, design, testing, and training commenced by the Manhattan Project during World War II. Fabrication, assembly, and storage of nuclear weapons was also done at Sandia Base. The base played a key role in the United States nuclear deterrence capability during the Cold War. In 1971 it was merged into Kirtland Air Force Base. (Wikipedia)

Although difficult to read, this newspaper judicial notice shows that even on a secret military base,
 kids will be kids, and Girl Scout camps will be vandalized.

Camp of the Tall Pines
Tall Pines Camp
near Weeds, Sacramento Mountains, NM

Camp Thunderbird
near Mimbres, Black Range Mountains, Gila Forest, NM
12 miles north of San Lorenzo on the Mimbres River

U.S. Indian School Day Camp
northwest of Corrales, NM

Zella Zimmerman Girl Scout Camp
northwest of Albuquerque, NM

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