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Addison Boyce


I don't remember where the patch was supposed to go, but I think it may have been part of our official dress camp uniform (long dark green shorts, white blouse, dark green tie, knee hi tassels, etc.)... I have very fond memories of Camp Addisone Boyce (in Tompkins Cove, NY) - had a ball at summer sleep-away camp 1971 - 74.

K. S.



Indian Hills

1948 map of Camp Amahami


Andree Clark Westchester-Putnam

I was a camper at Andre Clark during the 1960’s!!    I remember so much…..such as the tents we slept in and some of the group names.  I have a few pictures by the pool.   I remember the lake and there was a frog called Prince Charming that sat at one end of the lake. I remember the dining hall and always having ‘top and sweep’ as my job and also remember the little store where I bought soda and stuff (can’t remember the name).    I was passing through there recently (Briarcliff Manor) and had no idea it still existed!

Carin Lustig


 Also check out this page in the museum, listed because it is a National Girl Scout site: Camp Andree Clark
Annabelle Piper Program Center Genesee Valley  
Butler Lake Foothills

(Genevieve) Brady Greater New York, Towners,NY, active 1937

Blueberry Hills Sarah Wells  
Blue Bay Nassau County

postcard image - Linda Mathis


Birch Ridge Sarah Wells


 the Altvaters



Rochester Girl Scouts, opened 1929

image Linda Mathis


Postcard Beech-Wood

Bayberry Seven Lakes

image Carleen Hannan


Castell Sodus Point

1927 Brochure

Carleton Alleghany State Park, active 1940


image Carleen Hannan

Seven Lakes



Deerwood Forest Wyoming County, NY

Downie Hill Oneonta, active 1953  

Suffolk County


Enton Brook Madison County GS, active 1940  
Foster Duchess County  
Glengarra Foothills  
Green Lake Buffalo & Erie, 1927-2004  
Grey Beech Camp Hempstead

very old felt G.B.C.


Hemlock Ridge  

Hidden Lake Mohawk Pathways

High Rock Greater New York

In 1951, the Boy Scouts sold the property to the Girl Scouts Council of Greater New York. There are varying accounts as to why this site, located between the Pouch Camp and the Moravian Cemetery at Rockland Avenue, was named High Rock. The most obvious and widely accepted explanation is that the land is high and rocky just beneath the topsoil. Gretta Moulton (1912-1971), an energetic camping consultant from Massachusetts, helped with the Girl Scout Camp’s program. Recognizing the magnificent beauty of this place, she worked to preserve it from the growing pressures of urban development. Gretta Moulton died in 1971, and her ashes were scattered in the park. In 1995, a gate to High Rock Park was erected to commemorate her contributions. This gate, designed by landscape architect Bradford Greene, depicts chipmunks, squirrels, turtles, and several plants native to Staten Island. A walking trail named for Moulton begins right inside the gate. The trail, marked in green, crosses a small creek and runs through forests and seasonal wetlands.


The Fairy Ring at Camp Hoover

Central New York, earliest mention 1920, 90 acres


Is-Sho-Da Hudson Valley

Kaufman Greater New York
Kowaunkami 1934 Girl Scout Camp Brochure, Gloversville and Johnstown NY - near Coroga Lake, July 7 - August 4, 1934

Camp Kowaunkami to thee we sing, 
Friendship strong, faith, hope & charity.

When our days with you are o'er,
Our memories linger ever more.

Each girl is bound by ties of camping life, 
holding high the torch of friendship bright.
Campers all we're proud to be.
Camp Kowaunkami

Laughing Water

Address: 75 Leroy Street
City: Binghamton
State: NY
Zip: 13905
Phone: 6077248784

Hello! I am the former Jane Wise from the Bronx, and I was a Girl Scout for many years in the 50's and 60's. I started going to Camp Laughing Water in 1953, and went every summer thereafter, including a year or two as a counselor, until 1962. I'm interested in hearing from other campers or counselors who were at Laughing Water during the same time period. The leadership I learned at camp was extremely meaningful to me when I started teaching in 1964. I would so like to hear other campers' stories!
Thank you! Jane Wise Shear (Babs)

Bear Mountain, NY, operating in 1949

image - Susan Danio

Littell Mohawk Pathways  
Little Notch - closed Hudson Valley



Margaret Castle Niagara County  
Meadowbrook Adirondack

Merrie Mill 1943 camp brochure listing  
Merrywood closed


Coopertowns, NY known to be active in 1948


1957 Camp Minnetoska brochure


Misty Hollow 270 acres, bought in 1961

image Carleen Hannan

Mogisca (Morris Girl ScoutingCamp) This camp was first located on Lake Kanawauke, NY - from 1930 until 1970 when the camp was relocated in Glen Spey, NY. It serves the Girl Scouts of Morris County, NJ.

Moreau Schenectady

Near Wilderness Central New York  

Gypsy Knoll, Semus Point

Peter Pan Unit

Oak Orchard Genesee Valley  
Odensburg camp was established by Mrs. Mabel Brown, who was also a commissioner  of the Odensburg GS  
Pinewood Genesee Valley  
Piperwood Genesee Valley  


 image: Cindy.

Camp is no longer in service. Bear Mountain, NY, in 1949 was open and operating.

Hello! I am the former Jane Wise from the Bronx, and I was a Girl Scout for many years in the 50's and 60's. I started going to Camp Laughing Water, a Girl Scout camp in Rockland County, NY, in 1953,and went every summer thereafter, including a year or two as a counselor, until 1963. Our sister camp, Quidnunc, was on the same lake as ours. Quidnunc has a Facebook page
and is having a reunion...
Thank you! Jane Wise Shear (Babs)


Rock Hill

1932 Brochure for Rock Hill


Rocky Glen
at Bear Mountain

Note left by an anonymous emailer

Seven Hills



Camp Seven Hills of the Buffalo & Erie County Girl Scout Council opened in 1929.

Camp Seven Hills T-Shirt


Sha-Te-Muc - closed Chatham

Camp Sha-Te-Muc only camp in twin counties

By Susan Campriello
Thursday, December 10, 2009 7:12 AM EST
CHATHAM — Late in November, the Girl Scouts of Northeastern New York Inc. announced it would not reopen Camp Sha-Te-Muc, off Route 203 in Chatham, and has planned to sell the land.

According to Valerie Trudeau, chief development and brand officer for the Council, during a meeting focused on how girls can learn environmentalism through their outdoor scouting experiences, the Board of Directors decided to sell the camp, which features fields, a pond, wetlands, tent units and a heated lodge on more than 90 acres.

Sky High Buffalo & Erie  
Spruce Ridge active 1926  
Stone Chimney 25 acres near Salamanca sold in 1963.

Sugar Creek  

image Carleen Hannan


Tekakwitha Closed - sold  2005

Timbercrest 40 years - 2007  

Wakoda Sarah Wells


Waneeshi Dutchess County  

Camp Wendy Song

Ulster, opened in 1924 after much fund raising. Wallkill, Ulster Co. NY

My Mom and Dad (Bob and Barb Shepard) were Site Co-Chair's for Camp Wendy for several years.  I received a patch one year for helping put the tents up and then taking them down.  I have many fond memories of camping with my family and my Cub Scout Pack at Wendy!  Please feel free to use my image submissions on your website.

Kindest Regards,
Bob Shepard
Westminster, Colorado
Whispering Pines Thousand Islands

Williamsville Day Camp 1943 camp brochure listing  
Windy Meadows Niagara County  
Wood Haven Mohawk Pathways  

Wunnegin Fort Solonga, Suffolk County, closed approx. 1973 (Thank you K.K.!)  
Yaiewano Seven Lakes



Zoar Valley Niagara County  


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