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Girl Scout Camps - Vermont


Girl Scout Day Camp Abenaki-Mascoma 
at Camp Farnsworth, VT
Abenaki means "early dawn"

Girl Scout Day Camp Elfin Glade
Wallingford, VT

Girl Scout Day Camp at Elwell's Farm
Shaftsbury, VT

Camp Farnsworth/Camp Hanoum
Thetford, VT
300 acres
Purchased by Girl Scouts in 1959
This land holds an important early history of girl's camp programing and the development of the Girl Scouts of the USA and the Camp Fire Girls. Professor Charles Hubert Farnsworth and his wife, Charlotte Farnsworth originally owned the land and started a small, girls only, program with sleeping outdoors. This grew into an active summer residential camp experience called Camp Hanoum, and later, as the large property was divided into small camp areas, it was called The Hanoum Camps. Mrs. Farnsworth died in 1946 and Prof. Farnsworth died in 1947. The camp was then managed by two former campers, then sold to the Girl Scouts in 1959. It continues today.

This iconic Library of Congress image of a camp scene
is actually Camp Hanoum.

Camp Hanoum 1921 booklet and Camp Hanoum pin.

The Charlotte Joy Farnsworth Award pin can
still be earned in the Camp Fire USA program.

Girl Scout Day Camp Green Mountain 
Bransbury State Park, Salisbury, VT

Camp Greenwood


Camp Merrybrook
Stanstead, VT
Property was owned by Mrs. Alfred Aldrich, not clear if it was ever owned by Girl Scouts.

Camp Plymouth
Ludlow, VT
known use in 1941 and 1956
BSA property

Girl Scout Day Camp Maple Leaf

Girl Scout Day Camp Pine Haven

Camp Sky Acres
Washington, VT
400 acres

The famous "Camping Caravan", 
a two year traveling program
visited Camp Sky Acres

Color image from real estate company

Real Estate images

Camp So-Ko-We-Gi
So-Ko-We-Gi Cabin
Mount Tom, VT
closed and to be sold, 2011

Camp Sugarbush
Sugarbush was a camp without a home - held at various locations throughout the years; in the shadow of Mt. Anthony, in Pownal, the Shaftsbury Rod and Gun Club, West Mountain Road in Shaftsbury, Camp Ondawa and the Elwell farm, just to name the ones I found.

Camp Tamarack Notch
near Menon, Aitken State Forest, VT
leased to Girl Scouts, no longer used by Girl Scouts in 1983

Girl Scout Day Camp Twin Hills
Richmond, VT

Camp Wapanacki

Wapanacki is another Vermont camp with a long history. In 1937/1938 Dr. Merle E. Frampton (1904-1999) opened up the first camp in the nation for visually impaired children. It was a great success, offering camping opportunities in the summer and winter and being a model for camps. It ran for many years. The Girl Scouts either bought or the camp was donated to them sometime in the 1990s. Currently the camp is closed and to be sold.

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