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Camp Apasus
8420 Granby Street, Norfolk, VA

Camp Axton
Axton, VA
Land leased from Mrs. Walter Grant

The property today. It's clearly been deforested.

Burke's Mill Pond
Gloucester Co, VA
30+ acres

Girl Scout Camp at Camp Coffey

Radford, VA
City owned property
Used by several youth organizations


Camp Coles Trip
Stafford, VA
Land purchased Dec. 1954
First camp July 3, 1955
Officially opened 1956

Camp Covington
Covington, VA
Closed Aug. 31, 1976

Camp Crowell
Oakton, VA
60 acres
Named in honor of Frank and Ellen Crowell, prior owners.

Camp Darden
near Franklin, Va
Named after Gov. Colgate W. Darden and his wife, Constance DuPont Darden.

Colgate Darden was born on a small farm near Franklin, VA
It is not known if the camp is on that property.

Camp Dark Hollow
Off of VA 311, north of Hanging Rock, VA
400 acres
A tented camping area of Icimani Adventure Program Center was named Dark Hollow, in honor of this camp.

Camp Garth Newel
Hot Springs, VA
107 acres
Garth Newel means new hearth, new home
Land was a gift to Girl Scouts, who returned the gift in 1965, now the home of the Garth Newel Music Camp.

Camp Holland Acres
Centerville, VA
20 acres

Camp Holly Dell
near Beach, VA
100 acres
Officially Dedicated July 17, 1953

Camp Holly Dell Song

Icimani Adventure Program Center
5488 Yellow Mountain Road, Roanoke, VA
Opened 2008
Yellow Mountain Road, Roanoke, VA
A tented section was named Dark Hollow, in honor of former Camp Dark Hollow, which was sold in 2007. Icimani Adventure Program Center was purchased with the proceeds of the sale.

Camp Kistinowervi

Camp Kittamaqund
387 acres
Named after an Indian Chief

Camp Kiwanee
on the Little River, VA
Kiwanis property

Camp Kiwanianna
Shawsville, VA
1941 - Aug 31, 1976
Kiwanis Club of Roanoke

Camp Lake Catherine
Lake Catherine Dr, Botetourt Co., VA
180 acres
1968-Aug. 31, 1976

Girl Scout Camp at Marion Campground
Pulaski, VA
Day Camp

Girl Scout Day Camp at Massanutten Caverns
Harrisonburg, VA

Massawomee Program Center
155 acres
Formerly known as Indian Bottom Campground

Camp MaVaVi
Triangle, VA
Local council history notes it ran from 1940-1950

Camp May Flather
 Mt. Solon, George Washington National Forest, VA
50 acres
Named after Mary Rebecca "May" Mullan Flather (1871-1962), longtime supporter of Girl Scouting and generous fund raiser for the camp.

Vintage Postcards of Camp May Flather


These 1938 "color" slides were hand-colored, which may explain why
the girls are in khaki instead of the green camp uniforms of the day.


Camp Moss Ridge
Paris, Clarke County, VA

Camp Pamunkey Ridge
Hanover, VA
240 acres

Camp Pinoaka

Camp Pocahontas
near Bon-Air, VA

Camp Potomac Woods
13900 Potomac Woods Land, Leesburg, VA
101 acres

Camp Sacajawea
2124 Fox Hill Rd, Lynchburg, VA
119 acres

Camp Shawnee
Ringgold, VA

Camp Shenandoah
Staunton, VA

Camp Skimino
Williamsburg, VA
90 acres
Skimino means "smooth creek"

Camp Smithfield
1942 - ran for several years
 Dunedin, Lee Park, Lake Jordan, Lakeview Park, Bear Creek Community Center
Camp named for Dr. R. O. Smith.

Camp Sugar Hollow
near Charlottesville, VA
60 acres


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