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Girl Scout Camps - Alphabetized List


My goal here is to create a list of all the Girl Scout camps ever known. Some of these camps listed below are very old and all but forgotten, but I believe that Girl Scout Spirit never dies and neither do it's camps, even if it's just within our hearts.

If you can added a name or anything else - just email. If you can't find "your camp" look under alternate names and check out the page for that state - list is to the right on this page →.

Many camps changed names, and I tended to list the oldest names here, which were longer. For example, Camp Libbey was first known as Camp Edward Drummond Libbey.

This list contains 1592 camps and was last updated 1/17/2014

Abbott West Virginia
Abenaki-Mascoma Vermont
Aberdeen Maryland
Abigail Harding Lewis Ohio
Ada Indiana
Ada-Boy-Holliday Indiana
Adahi Georgia
Adahi Illinois
Adam Lake GSC Maine
Adams Pennsylvania
Adda Walden Kansas
Addison Boyce New York
Adventure Montana
Agawan Pennsylvania
Agnes Ann South Carolina
Agnes Arnold Texas
Agnes DeWitt New Jersey
Agnes Moody California
Agnes S. McMillen Indiana
Air Base City New Mexico
Airway California
Alatsee Germany
Albany Program Center Oregon
Alegre, Campo Alegre Puerto Rico
Algo West Virginia
Alice Chester Wisconsin
Alice Chester Center Wisconsin
Alice Merritt Connecticut
Alice Pittenger, CAP Idaho
Allbridge Massachusetts
Allegiscawa West Virginia
Alpine Wyoming
Altoona Pennsylvania
Amahami New York
Amaryllis Texas
Amity Acres New Jersey
Amos Horton Illinois
Anakuse Tennessee
Anderel Alabama
Andree Clark New York
Ann Bailey West Virginia
Anna Behrens Michigan
Annabelle Piper Program Center New York
Anne Jackson Memorial New Hampshire
Annemeekee Tennessee
An-Se-Ox Outdoor Program Center Connecticut
Apasus Virginia
Apodaca Park New Mexico
Apple Acres Indiana
Apple River Canyon Illinois
Appleby Ranch Arkansas
Aquasco Maryland
Aranna Texas
Archbald Pennsylvania
Arcona Pennsylvania
Arequipa California
Ares New Mexico
Arnaz California
Arrowhead Washington
Arroya South Dakota
Asito California
Aspetuk Connecticut
Athawominic Kentucky
Austin Iowa
Austin Minnesota
Aventura California
Avery Hand Ohio
Avon Lake Ohio
Axton Virginia
Azalea Trails California
Bachimtal Missouri
Baker Maryland
Ballinger GSDC Texas
Barree Pennsylvania
Barren Ridge Kentucky
Bashor Pennsylvania
Bauneg Beg Maine
Bay Area Girl Scout Camp Michigan
Bay Breeze #1 Maryland
Bay Breeze #2 Maryland
Bayberry New York
Bayview Texas
Beaches Little House Florida
Bear Creek Kentucky
Bear Paw California
Beartooth Montana
Beaux Arbres France
Beaver Brook New Hampshire
Beaver Creek Ranch Texas
Beckoning Trails Ohio
Beckwith West Virginia
Bedford Cabin Ohio
Beech Wood Ohio
Beech-Wood New York
Bell Manor Program Center Maryland
Belmont Indiana
Beloit GSSC Wisconsin
Benard Lodge Ohio
Berry Ohio
Bertleson Place Illinois
Bette Perot Texas
Betty Zane West Virginia
Big Pines California
Big Rock Maryland
Bi-Ho-Ba Wyoming
Birch Ridge New York
Birch Trails Wisconsin
Birchrock Wisconsin
Birdsall Edey Pennsylvania
Bisacie Michigan
Biview Maryland
Black Bear Ohio
Blackhawk Wisconsin
Blackstone Rhode Island
Blanco Texas
Blossom Hill Alabama
Blue Bay New York
Blue Cloud South Carolina
Blue Heron New Jersey
Blue Knob Pennsylvania
Blueberry Hills New York
Bon Accord California
Bon Temps Louisiana
Bonita California
Bonnie Brae Massachusetts
Boothe Oaks Texas
Bothin California
Bouldern City Girl Scout House Nevada
Bow & Arrow Camp Montana
Bradbury Kansas
Bradenburg Wisconsin
Bradley Maryland
Brady  (Genevieve Brady) New York
Brandywine Delaware
Brewster Nebraska
Briarwood Michigan
Brighton Woods Maryland
Brookside Ohio
Brule Pennsylvania
BSA/GSUSA encampment at Ohler's Farm Maryland
Buffalo Indiana
Burke's Mill Pond Virginia
Burnham Woods Arkansas
Burton Ohio
Butano Creek California
Butler Lake New York
Butterfly Missouri
Butternut Springs Indiana
Butterworth Ohio
C.R. Aldrich Kansas
Cachuma California
Cactus  Texas
Cactus Camp Arizona
Cahinnion Arkansas
Calico West Virginia
Calico Basin Nevada
Calossa Florida
Camp Fiesta Arizona
Camp For All Seasons Florida
Camp Noche, Campo de Noche New Mexico
Camp O' The Hills Michigan
Camp of the Hills Iowa
Camp of the Tall Pines New Mexico
Campbell West Virginia
Campbell Mountain Kentucky
Campbellgard Ohio
Camp-in-the-Pines Arkansas
Camwood Texas
Candleberry Connecticut
Candlewood Connecticut
Cann-Edi-On Pennsylvania
Cardinal Iowa
Cardinal Kentucky
Cardinal Pennsylvania
Carey Wyoming
Caribbean Panal Canal Zone
Carleton New York
Carlson, Carlson Outdoor Program Center Connecticut
Case Mare Texas
Casper Girl Scout House Wyoming
Cassaway Minnesota
Castell New York
Castle Manor Indiana
Castle Rock Montana
Catawba Trace Pennsylvania
Cateechee North Carolina
Catoonah Connecticut
Catron Nebraska
Cauble Kansas
Caula California
Cawatre California
Cazeau France
Cecil Jackson Georgia
Cedar Brake Ranch Texas
Cedar Cove Maine
Cedar Grove  Texas
Cedar Hill Massachusetts
Cedar Point Illinois
Cedar Point Minnesota
Cedar Point Mississippi
Cedar Point Tennessee
Cedarbrook California
Cedarledge Missouri
Cedars Nebraska
Celia Land Little House Florida
Chagres Panal Canal Zone
Chalet Pennsylvania
Chalk Hills Wisconsin
Chan Owapi North Dakota
Chan Ya Ta Illinois
Chandler Pennsylvania
Chansons de la Mer France
Chanyatah Florida
Chaparral California
Chapman Hills Wisconsin
Charles T. Burnett Day Camp for Girl Scouts Maine
Charleviox Michigan
Charlotte Pennsylvania
Char-Wood Pennsylvania
Chatterawha Kentucky
Cheen Hill Washington
Che-K-Pa South Dakota
Chenoa New Hampshire
Cherokee North Carolina
Cherokee Tennessee
Cherokee Ridge Missouri
Cherry Austin Alabama
Chic-A-Gama Illinois
Chickagami Wisconsin
Chick-A-Wee Pennsylvania
Chickigami North Carolina
Chief Logan West Virginia
Chimney Trail Maryland
Chinqua-Penn North Carolina
Chinquapin California
Choee Howlette Florida
Chonote Ohio
Cho-taka-tipi Wisconsin
Chowenwaw Florida
Christie Iowa
Chrysalis Texas
Circle C Ranch North Carolina
Civitan Maryland
Civitania Georgia
Claiborne Maryland
Cleawox Oregon
Clegg Alaska
Clide Browder West Virginia
Clifftop West Virginia
Cloud Rim Utah
Clover Wisconsin
Clover Hill Louisiana
Clover Ridge Farm New Hampshire
Cofitachioui South Carolina
CoHeLo Maryland
Cokamong Connecticut
Co-Law-Sill Oklahoma
Coles Trip Virginia
Collins West Virginia
Columbus Spain
Comstock New York
Concharty Georgia
Condor California
Conestoga Iowa
Conestoga Maryland
Conewago Pennsylvania
Congaree South Carolina
Conifer California
Constatawba Pennsylvania
Cookie Rhode Island
Cookieland Oklahoma
Cookieland Texas
Coral Gables Little House Florida
Cornish Ohio
Cornwall Pennsylvania
Coronadowana Pennsylvania
Cosmopolitan Nebraska
Cosoma Maryland
Cottaquilla Alabama
Covington Louisiana
Covington Virginia
Craag Ohio
Crawford Michigan
Crawford Oklahoma
Cricket Nebraska
Crooked Lane Ohio
Crossed Arrows Arkansas
Crossed Arrows Nebraska
Crowder Missouri
Crowell Ohio
Crystal Iowa
Crystal Springs Nebraska
Cuesta Wisconsin
Curry Creek Pennsylvania
Custer Illinois
Cutteru Kansas
Daisy Hindman Kansas
Dalles Program Center Oregon
Darden Virginia
Dark Hollow Virginia
Davidson Lodge California
De Land Girl Scout House Wisconsin
Dean Illinois
Deep Woods California
Deer Lake California
Deer Lake Florida
Deer Trail Michigan
Deerwood Forest New York
Del O'Claire Wisconsin
DeLeon Texas
Dellwood Indiana
Deming New Mexico
Derricott Missouri
Dickson South Carolina
Dixid Myrtle Kentucky
Dixie Allison Texas
Dorothy Bells Washington
Dorothy Thomas Florida
Dot Perry North Carolina
Double E Kansas
Douglas Long North Carolina
Downie Hill New York
Drew South Carolina
Drifting Goose South Dakota
Dunning Big Pine Mine Arizona
Duquesne California
Eagle Island New Jersey
Eagle River GSC Alaska
Echo Hills Ohio
Echo Run Pennsylvania
Echo Trail Pennsylvania
Echo Valley Wisconsin
Echoing Pines Utah
Eda California
Edey New York
Edge New Jersey
Edgewood Tennessee
Edith Mayo Minnesota
Edith Minnich Tennessee
Edith Read Massachusetts
Edward California
Edward Drummond Libbey Ohio
Egypt Valley New York
Ehawea Wisconsin
E-Ko-Wah Oklahoma
El Potrero California
El Ranchito California
El Ranchito Texas
Eldon Primitive Site Missouri
Eleanor Florida
Elfin Glade Vermont
Elisa Colberg, Campo Elisa Colberg Puerto Rico
Elkhorn Program Center Oregon
Elko Girl Scout House Nevada
Elkwoodd Michigan
Ella J. Logan Indiana
Elliot Pennsylvania
Elliot Barker New Mexico
El-O-Win California
El-Wa-Ho Maryland
El-Wa-Ho Pennsylvania
Elza Seligman New Mexico
Enton Brook New York
Erny Pennsylvania
Etoquinnow Girl Scout House, Cody GSH Wyoming
Eucalyptus California
Eunice New Mexico
Evelyn Wisconsin
Everett Hormel Minnesota
Evergreen Washington
Fairchild Kansas
Fairlee Connecticut
Fall River Rhode Island
Fallling Rock Ohio
Falls Run Ohio
Fannie Bailey Olcott Minnesota
Far Away Mine California
Far Horizons Illinois
Farnsworth/Hanoum Vermont
Favorite Massachusetts
Feather Winds Alaska
Ferndust Pennsylvania
Fiddlecreek Missouri
Finbrooke Missouri
Findlay Ohio
Fischerville Tennessee
Fithian Pennsylvania
Fleischman California
Fleischmann California
Fleming California
Florence Young Ohio
Flying G Colorado
Flying T Kansas
Fombelina Pennsylvania
Forest de la Plamyre France
Foster New York
Four Winds Kansas
Four Winds Massachusetts
Fourth of July Cove California
Fowler Florida
Foxtail Nevada
Francine Arkansas
Francis Connecticut
Frederickson Ohio
Fremont Lake Wyoming
Friendship North Carolina
Friendship Tennessee
Friendship Massachusetts
Furnace Hills Pennsylvania
Gallahue Indiana
Galveston Boat Club Texas
Gambill Texas
Garcia West Virginia
Garth Newel Virginia
Gaywood Iowa
Gazelle Dew Georgia
GDSC at Schiffendecker Park Missouri
GDSC at Schonhoff's Cabin Missouri
Genesee Colorado
Genevieve Brady New York
Geonkenlow Wisconsin
George W. Hogg Kentucky
Gertrude Coleman Alabama
Ginger Cascade North Carolina
Gipiwa Ohio
Girl Scout Camp @ Sewall's Woods Maine
Girl Scout Camp at Lake Motosu Japan
Girl Scout Camp at Lake Shikatsu Japan
Girl Scout Camp at White Beach Japan
Girl Scout Leadership Center Nevada
Girl Scout Plantation South Carolina
Gi-Sco-Ha Pennsylvania
Giscowheco West Virginia
Glen Echo Connecticut
Glen Meadow Rhode Island
Glen Spey New Jersey
Glengarra New York
Gold Lake California
Gold Run California
Golden Pond Pennsylvania
Golden Sunrise Ohio
Golden Valley North Carolina
Gondagal West Virginia
Good Times North Carolina
Goodall - Cedar Point Nebraska
Graham North Carolina
Grass Cabins Pennsylvania
Gray Michigan
Great Trail Ohio
Greeley Girl Scout Camp Colorado
Green Eyrie Massachusetts
Green Forest Rhode Island
Green Lake New York
Green Meadows Ohio
Green Mountain Vermont
Greenberry Acres Missouri
Greene Ohio
Greenhill Texas
Greenwood Illinois
Greenwood Minnesota
Greenwood Pennsylvania
Greenwood Vermont
Greenwood West Virginia
Greenwood Wisconsin
Grey Beech Camp New York
Greyledge New York
Groom Creek Arizona
Grove Point Maryland
GSC - south of Mt. Vernon Cemetery Kansas
GSC @  Camp Coffey Virginia
GSC @ Aspen Ranch New Mexico
GSC @ Bandera Texas
GSC @ Bear Canyon New Mexico
GSC @ Beverly Shores Indiana
GSC @ Black Point Farm Rhode Island
GSC @ Brackenridge Texas
GSC @ Calapooya Springs Oregon
GSC @ Cambridge Minnesota
GSC @ Camp Gaywood Kansas
GSC @ Cascade Park Pennsylvania
GSC @ Center for the Arts Arizona
GSC @ Ceta Canyon Texas
GSC @ Charles F. Perry Camp Texas
GSC @ Clam Lake Wisconsin
GSC @ Clear Creek Spring Kentucky
GSC @ Coats Kansas
GSC @ Columbus Park Washington
GSC @ Conger's Grove Ohio
GSC @ Coon Hollow Illinois
GSC @ Deep Creek Lake Maryland
GSC @ Deer Lake Washington
GSC @ Desplaines Forest Preserve Illinois
GSC @ Dixon Springs Ohio
GSC @ Druce Lake Illinois
GSC @ Eastbrook, East Brook Pennsylvania
GSC @ Fern Lake Kentucky
GSC @ Fitzpatrick County Park West Virginia
GSC @ Flandreau Park Minnesota
GSC @ Glacier Institute, Kalispell Montana
GSC @ Goose Lake Indiana
GSC @ Green Ridge Maryland
GSC @ Halibut Point Recreational Area Alaska
GSC @ Horizon City Texas
GSC @ Horsehead Bay Washington
GSC @ Hyalite Montana
GSC @ Idaho Grove Park Colorado
GSC @ Idaho Springs Colorado
GSC @ Indian Springs Indiana
GSC @ J.B. Robinson Jr.'s Farm Missouri
GSC @ John's River Camp North Carolina
GSC @ Lake Geneva Wisconsin
GSC @ Lake Mattoon Illinois
GSC @ Lake Shawnee Kansas
GSC @ Lake Tapps Washington
GSC @ Lake Waukenabo Minnesota
GSC @ leuders Texas
GSC @ Llano Grande Lake Texas
GSC @ Long Lake - BSA property Wisconsin
GSC @ Long Lake - YWCA property Wisconsin
GSC @ Longmont Colorado
GSC @ Lower Falls on Coal River West Virginia
GSC @ Luke Chute Ohio
GSC @ Manely Williams Ranch Texas
GSC @ Marion Campground Virginia
GSC @ McAllen Texas
GSC @ Midriver Iowa
GSC @ Mowich Lake Washington
GSC @ Navajo School New Mexico
GSC @ Nepco Lake Wisconsin
GSC @ Okomanpado Iowa
GSC @ Onaway Island Wisconsin
GSC @ Orla Bank's Farm Ohio
GSC @ Palo Duro Canyon Texas
GSC @ Raymond McElrath Ranch Texas
GSC @ Richland Fairgrounds Montana
GSC @ Rock Creek North Carolina
GSC @ Sandia Base New Mexico
GSC @ Sandia Conference Grounds New Mexico
GSC @ Savage Farm Pennsylvania
GSC @ Schelly's Island Pennsylvania
GSC @ Spanaway Lake Washington
GSC @ Spirit Lake Washington
GSC @ Spring Lake Illinois
GSC @ Swan Pond New Hampshire
GSC @ Todd Lake Oregon
GSC @ Tower Rock Forest Washington
GSC @ Tucker Grove's Camp North Carolina
GSC @ Twin Falls State Park West Virginia
GSC @ Union Grove Maryland
GSC @ Valley Christian Encampment Texas
GSC @ Vashon Island Washington
GSC @ Weddington Gap Arkansas
GSC @ Wheeling Oglebay Park West Virginia
GSC @ White Pines Illinois
GSC @ Whitewater State Park Minnesota
GSC @ Wildcat Canyon Iowa
GSC @ Wolf Island+A1133 Ohio
GSC @ Zephyr Cove Nevada
GSC @ Zoll Property Arkansas
GSC at Bass Lake California
GSC at Camp Grelick Michigan
GSC at Clear Lake Michigan
GSC at Greenhorn Mountain California
GSC at Lake Ann Michigan
GSC at Lake Cora Michigan
GSC at Lake Galilee Michigan
GSC at Lake Gogebic Michigan
GSC at Long Lake Michigan
GSC at Silver City Michigan
GSC at Twin Canyon California
GSC at Twin Lakes Michigan
GSC at Wampler's Lake Michigan
GSC near Comfort Texas
GSC on Padre Island Texas
GSC on Yellow Creek Ohio
GSDC at Antelope Park Nebraska
GSDC at Bartlett Park Kentucky
GSDC at Bill James Camp Louisiana
GSDC at Broken Spur Saddle Club North Carolina
GSDC at Buckingham Farms Alabama
GSDC at Carthage Park Missouri
GSDC at Elwell's Farm Vermont
GSDC at Ewert Park Missouri
GSDC at Faunce's Woods Iowa
GSDC at Fort Wainwright Alaska
GSDC at George Washington Carver Park Texas
GSDC at Greenway Park Mississippi
GSDC at Idlewild Park Nevada
GSDC at J.H. Nelson's Farm Ohio
GSDC at Lake Barton Kansas
GSDC at Lincoln Academy North Carolina
GSDC at Lincoln Memorial University Tennessee
GSDC at Markham Farms Arkansas
GSDC at Massanutten Caverns Virginia
GSDC at north of Dundee Bridge Kansas
GSDC at Oakland Farm Rhode Island
GSDC at Old Round Grove Kansas
GSDC at Peter Pan Park Kansas
GSDC at Prospect Park Iowa
GSDC at Reigal Tree Farm North Carolina
GSDC at River Bend North Carolina
GSDC at Rocky Haven New Hampshire
GSDC at Sandy Point State Park Maryland
GSDC at Shoal Creek Missouri
GSDC at Sunset Hill Rhode Island
GSDC at Walker Carpenter Ranch Texas
GSTC at Lanagan Missouri
Guenther-Hogg Kentucky
Hacienda Program Center Arizona
Haleopua Hawaii
Hall Massachusetts
Hamilton Heights Ohio
Hamp Hut, Troop House Colorado
Hannawitha Ohio
Hantesa Iowa
Happy Acres Pennsylvania
Happy Haven Ohio
Happy Hollow Wisconsin
Happy Hollow Primitive Camp Texas
Happy Times North Carolina
Happy Valley Pennsylvania
Hardee North Carolina
Harder Washington
Harriet Morrow Panal Canal Zone
Harrison Illinois
Hat-A-Ranch Texas
Hawthorn Hollow Michigan
Hawthrone Ridge Pennsylvania
Hawthrone Trails Indiana
Hazelwood Tennessee
Hazen Kansas
Helena Pennsylvania
Hemlock Ridge New York
Henry F. Koch Indiana
Henry Kaufman Pennsylvania
Heyata Iowa
Hiawatha Pennsylvania
Hickory Grove Kentucky
Hickory Haven Missouri
Hickory Hill Wisconsin
Hickory Hill Massachusetts
Hickory Hill Wilderness Reserve Florida
Hickory Point Wisconsin
Hidden Falls California
Hidden Falls Pennsylvania
Hidden Lake New York
Hidden Valley Kansas
Hidden Valley New Jersey
Hideaway Illinois
Hide-A-Way Tennessee
High Point Arkansas
High Rock New York
Hilika Ohio
Hillcrest Alabama
Hilltop Germany
Hoard Custer Wisconsin
Hoffman #1 Rhode Island
Hoffman #2 Rhode Island
Holland Acres Virginia
Holloway Tennessee
Holly Michigan
Holly Dell Virginia
Holly Hut North Carolina
Holly Springs South Carolina
Homestead North Carolina
Honi Hanta Florida
Honor Brite West Virginia
Hooper Springs Idaho
Hoover New York
Houchens Program Center Kentucky
Huckleberry Woods California
Hudsonia New Jersey
Humming Hill Alabama
Hurlbut Lodge Missouri
Icimani Adventure Program Center Virginia
Ilchester Maryland
Inawendiwin New Jersey
Indian Creek Lodge Illinois
Indian Echo Florida
Indian Head Florida
Indian Orchards Pennsylvania
Indian Rock Ranch California
Indian Run Pennsylvania
Ingawanis Iowa
Innisfree Michigan
Intergrove Cabin Ohio
Ioka Indiana
Ioka Pennsylvania
Irene Olsen Rotan Ohio
Iri-Ki-Li-O Wisconsin
Isabella Ingraham, Camp Inky Florida
Ishnala Wisconsin
Is-Sho-Da New York
Iss-See-Kes Ohio
Iswa North Carolina
Iti Kana Mississippi
Iwakta Connecticut
Janette Pollay Outdoor Program Center Minnesota
Jefferson Nebraska
Jessie Bloom Alaska
Jessie Mae Fageol Ohio
Jo Harris North Carolina
Jo Jan Van Texas
Jockey Hollow New Jersey
Joe Schermann California
John Claire Indiana
John Ralston Illinois
Joy Hollow Iowa
Judson South Dakota
Judy Layne Kentucky
Julia North Carolina
Julia Crowell Ohio
Julianna Washington
Juliette Germany
Juliette #1 Iowa
Juliette #2 Iowa
Juliette Low Georgia
Juniper Knoll Wisconsin
Jupiter South Carolina
Kachina Idaho
Kachina Texas
Kadohadacho Texas
Kalitana Montana
Kamp Karankawa Texas
Kamp Kiwani Tennessee
Kamp Kiwanis Alabama
Kanawahala Program Center Alabama
Kannah Creek Colorado
Kanza Kansas
Kate Portwood - Camp Kate Oklahoma
Kateri Florida
Katherine Ohio
Katherine Butterworth Ohio
Katoya Connecticut
Kaufman New York
KA-VE Maine
Kawaeah California
Keck / Ida Keck Illinois
Kegan Florida
Kelpie Maryland
Ken-Jockety Ohio
Kennebunk Pond Maine
Kenneydell Washington
Ken-O-Kwee Pennsylvania
Kenosha GSC Wisconsin
Kenwood Connecticut
Kettle Run New Jersey
Kettleford New Hampshire
Kewea Missouri
Keyauwee North Carolina
Kiawassa Illinois
Kickapoo Texas
Kikthawenund Indiana
Ki-Li-Ro-Co Missouri
Kilohana Hawaii
Kiloqua Ohio
King Lake GSC Washington
Kinnebrook Massachusetts
Kinston Cabin North Carolina
Kiondashwa Pennsylvania
Kirkwold Maine
Kistinowervi Virginia
Kittamaquad / Camp Kitty Virginia
Kivawood Kansas
Kive Texas
Kiwa Korral Colorado
Kiwanee Virginia
Kiwani, Kiwanii Arkansas
Kiwanianna Virginia
Kiwanilog Oregon
Kiwanis Illinois
Kiwanis North Carolina
Kiwanis Pennsylvania
Kiwanis Texas
Kiwanis Massachusetts
Kiwanis at Bush Creek Ohio
Kiwanis at Pond Run Ohio
Klahanee Washington
Knolltop New Jersey
Kobbe Panal Canal Zone
Kohler GSC at Waelderhaus Wisconsin
Kokiwanee Indiana
Ko-Ko-Sing Ohio
Kolomoki Florida
Kowaunkami New York
La Crosse GSSC Wisconsin
La Jita Texas
Lachenwald Germany
LaDaCa Oklahoma
Ladigrau Indiana
Lakamaga Minnesota
Lake Catherine Virginia
Lake Dallas Texas
Lake Murray Oklahoma
Lakeshore Ohio
LakeView Ranch Ohio
Lakota California
Lakota Iowa
Lakota Lodge / Lakota Illinois
Lamoille Nevada
Lanier Georgia
Lansing Minnesota
Las Leonitas Texas
Latonka Missouri
Latta North Carolina
Laughing Water New York
Laughing Waters Pennsylvania
Laurel Pennsylvania
Laurel Wood Massachusetts
Laurel, Laurel Outdoor Program Center Connecticut
Lawton Arizona
Lazy Acres Colorado
Leaning Pine Wisconsin
Lebanon Program Center Oregon
Ledgewood Ohio
Lejnar Ohio
Leland Gage Texas
Lend-A-Hand Pennsylvania
Letico New Jersey
Lewis & Clark South Dakota
Lewis Perkins Massachusetts
Libbey Ohio
Liberty Germany
Lincoln Ridge Kentucky
Lincoya Tennessee
Linden Michigan
Lindenwood Illinois
Linn Haven North Carolina
Littell New York
Little Cloud Iowa
Little Deer Michigan
Little Notch New York
L-Kee-Ta Iowa
Lloyd Treble Pennsylvania
Lochbrae New York
Lockslea Minnesota
Loga Vista Kansas
Logisca Ohio
Lone Star Ohio
Lone Tree Michigan
Lou Henry Hoover New Jersey
Louis Farr Texas
Louise Pennsylvania
Low Georgia
Low Country South Carolina
Low Echo Oregon
Lowell Connecticut
Lowlands Georgia
Lowry of Cranberrry Hill Rhode Island
Lucy Mac Michigan
Lula Sams Texas
Lund  Montana
Lycopedia Ohio
Lyle McLeod Washington
Lynnwood Minnesota
M.O.E. Minnesota
Machagamee New Hampshire
Mac-O-Chee Ohio
Madeleine Mulford New Jersey
Madison GSSC Wisconsin
Madron Michigan
Magic Sky Ranch Colorado
Maha Nebraska
Mahachee Florida
Ma-Ha-Da Iowa
Mah-Kah-Wee Florida
Maiden Montana
Malcom Massachusetts
Mamie Flynn West Virginia
Manipines Georgia
Manistee Michigan
Manitou Wisconsin
Manuka Montana
Manzanita California
Maple Leaf Vermont
Marble Falls Texas
Margaret Bates Ohio
Margaret Castle New York
Margaret Townsend Tennessee
Margarey Daniels Florida
Maria Emilia, Campo Maria Emilia Puerto Rico
Maria Pratt Connecticut
Maricopa GSC at Kendall Mine Arizona
Maries Missouri
Marinette GSC Wisconsin
Marinette-Menonomie GSC Wisconsin
Marion North Carolina
Marion Chester Read Center Wisconsin
Marion White Massachusetts
Maripai Arizona
Mariposa California
Mariposa Meadows California
Mars Hill Alabama
Marsh Fork West Virginia
Martha Foster Madelay Texas
Martha Johnston Georgia
Martha Love North Carolina
Mary Anne Beebe Center Illinois
Mary Atkinson North Carolina
Mary Bethune Alabama
Mary Day Massachusetts
Mary Dell Kansas
Mary E. Lauman Ohio
Mary Elizabeth South Carolina
Mary Ijams Tennessee
Mary Lou Maine
Mary Prince Florida
Mary White New Mexico
Mary Whiting Massachusetts
Marydale Louisiana
Massawomee Program Center Virginia
Maude Eaton Massachusetts
Maunawili Hawaii
MaVaVi Virginia
May Flather Virginia
Mayaone Maryland
McCauley Taiwan, China
McElrath West Virginia
McLean Grove Connecticut
Meadow Mountain Ranch Colorado
Meadow Rock California
Meadowbrook Indiana
Meadowbrook New York
Meadowlea West Virginia
Medill McCormick Illinois
Melbourne Scout House Florida
Menaluta California
Mendicino Woodlands California
Menotomy New Hampshire
Menzies California
Meribrite Connecticut
Meridale Mississippi
Meriwether Georgia
Merrie Mill New York
Merrie Woode Maryland
Merrie Woode Michigan
Merriwood Massachusetts
Merri-Wood Connecticut
Merrybrook Illinois
Merrybrook Vermont
Merrywood New York
Metamora Michigan
Michawa Michigan
Michigan California California
Michikinikwa Ohio
Mile High Idaho
Millcroft Connecticut
Millicoma Oregon
Millwood Ohio
Miner Camp @ Gardner Dam Wisconsin
Minnesota Minnesota
Minnetoska New York
Minnetrista Minnesota
Mintahama Missouri
Minter Washington
Mira Sol Texas
Miriam Houston West Virginia
Miss-Elk-Ton Iowa
Mission Ranch California
Misty Hollow New York
Misty Meadows Texas
Misty Mount Maryland
Misty Mountain Georgia
Mitchell Ohio
Mitigwa Iowa
Mitre Peak Texas
Mittenwald Germany
Mitton Massachusetts
Mogisca New York
Mohawk England
Molly Lauman Ohio
Monadnock Wilderness Area New Hampshire
Mongoina Iowa
Moniseep North Carolina
Mont Ne Pennsylvania
Moreau New York
Morgan South Carolina
Morrison Illinois
Morrison Lodge Texas
Morton Connecticut
Mosey Wood Pennsylvania
Moss Ridge Virginia
Motten Washington
Mount Hope Trail Rhode Island
Mountain House Pennsylvania
Mountain Meadow California
Mountaindale Oregon
Mrya S. Pryor Texas
Mu-Mac Ohio
Munsee Indiana
Murrary Connecticut
Muscatawa Maine
Mu-Sha-Ni North Carolina
Myeerah Ohio
Namoco New Jersey
Narrin Michigan
Narrow River Rhode Island
Natarswi Maine
Naufplion Greece
Nawakwa Wisconsin
Na-Wa-Kwa California
Na-Wa-Kwa Indiana
Na-Wak-Wa,  NaWak Idaho
Near Wilderness New York
Neche North Dakota
Nee-Kah-Nah Tennessee
Nelson Dodd Ohio
New Fork Lake Wyoming
Newatah New York
Newpoint Program Center Oregon
Neyati Iowa
Neyati Massachusetts
Nih-ka-ga-hah Missouri
Nikko Japan
Ninigret Rhode Island
Niniwan Ohio
Nippe-Waukee Connecticut
Nissaki Indiana
NOARK @ Bull Shoals State Park Arkansas
NOARK @ Lake Smith Arkansas
NOARK @ War Eagle River Arkansas
Nocatee Florida
Nodding Pines Idaho
Nokewa Rhode Island
Noname Pennsylvania
Noquochoke Massachusetts
North Fork Leadership Center Florida
Northern Hills Wisconsin
Northern Lakes Canoe Base Minnesota
Northwoods Wisconsin
Norwesco Wisconsin
Novare Italy
Nyteepeota South Dakota
O' Fair Winds Michigan
O Ko' So Da California
Oak Hills Michigan
Oak Lake South Dakota
Oak Orchard New York
Oak Ridge West Virginia
Oak Spring Enviromental Center New Jersey
Oak Springs North Carolina
Oakledge Missouri
Oakwood Pennsylvania
Oakwood Knoll Wisconsin
O-AT-KA New York
Ocankusa North Dakota
Occoneeshee North Carolina
O'Cumberland Kentucky
Odensburg New York
Okitayakani Georgia
Oki-Tipi Missouri
Old Mill North Carolina
Oleana Texas
Orton Ranch Alaska
Osito Rancho California
Otaki Georgia
Ouachita Arkansas
Ouatoga Illinois
Owens Ohio
Owettii North Dakota
Padua California
Paha Sapa South Dakota
Pa-Hu-Ca Minnesota
Pajarito California
Palos Illinois
Pamunkey Ridge Virginia
Paradise Massachusetts
Pattagansett Connecticut
Pauline Fletcher Alabama
Pauline Williams - Camp Polly Oklahoma
Paumalu Hawaii
Pawnee Lodge Colorado
Paxton Indiana
Peach Creek Ranch Texas
Peairs / Myra Peairs Illinois
Pearsenowa Indiana
Peavine California
Peco Wisconsin
Pend-E Gay or Pend-A Gay Minnesota
Pennecock Massachusetts
Pennyroyal Kentucky
Pepinoak Program Center Minnesota
Perkins Massachusetts
Phillips Pennsylvania
Pickwick Alabama
Piedmont Tennessee
Pieri Germany
Piiholo Hawaii
Pin Oak Missouri
Pinar Utah
Pine Illinois
Pine Acres Georgia
Pine Creek Ranch, PCR Idaho
Pine Crest District of Columbia
Pine Grove Pennsylvania
Pine Haven Florida
Pine Haven Vermont
Pine Mountain Georgia
Pine Ridge Maine
Pine Valley Georgia
Pineaway North Carolina
Pinecrest Germany
Pinehaven Maine
Pinewood Louisiana
Pinewood New York
Pinoaka Virginia
Pioneer Texas
Pioneer Ridge Missouri
Piper Hill Minnesota
Piper Hills Illinois
Piperwood New York
Piscataqua New Hampshire
Pisgah North Carolina
Plateville GSSC Wisconsin
Plato Place Maryland
Playfair Michigan
Pleasant Wisconsin
Pleasant Valley Ohio
Plymouth Vermont
Plymouth Bay (Group of Camps) Massachusetts
Pocahontas Pennsylvania
Pocatelle Idaho
Pochontas Virginia
Pocono Pennsylvania
Pokanoka Illinois
Pokonokah Hills Wisconsin
Ponderosa Maryland
Ponderosa South Carolina
Pondicherry Maine
Potomac Woods Virginia
Potowatomi Illinois
Pottawattomie Indiana
Pottowatomie Hills Wisconsin
Pow Low Michigan
Prairie Schooner Missouri
Pretty Pond North Carolina
Proctor Ohio
Promising Acres Rhode Island
Provi Biaggi, Campo Privi Biaggi Puerto Rico
Pynecrest Pennsylvania
Quidnunc New York
Racine GSSC Wisconsin
Rainbow Illinois
Rancho del Chaparral New Mexico
Red Cliffe Utah
Red Mill Indiana
Red Rock Oklahoma
Redwing Pennsylvania
Redwoods California
Rentz,  Fred Rentz Pennsylvania
Renwickiup California
Resting Waters Pennsylvania
Riamo Pennsylvania
Rice Moody Massachusetts
Richard Clark Kentucky
Richie Maryland
Richmong South Dakota
Rigby Idaho
Rio Blanco Texas
River Ranch Washington
River Trails Illinois
Riverglen / River Glen California
Riverpoint Program Center Florida
Roaring Gap North Carolina
Robbinswold Washington
Robert Lewis Georgia
Robin's Nests South Dakota
Robinson Kansas
Robinwood Texas
Rock Hill New York
Rockbrook Mississippi
Rocky Craig Connecticut
Rocky Farms Rhode Island
Rocky Glen New York
Rocky Glen New York
Rocky Ledges North Carolina
Rocky Ledges West Virginia
Rocky Point Texas
Rokiwan North Dakota
Rolling Hills Ohio
Rolling Ridges Wisconsin
Ronele Pennsylvania
Roof Rock West Virginia
Roosevelt Iowa
Ross Ranch New Mexico
Ross Trails Ohio
Rotan Ohio
Rotary Montana
Rotary North Carolina
Rotary Texas
Roundelay Wisconsin
Roy Weller Pennsylvania
Ruby Lake Minnesota
Ruckers California
Runels New Hampshire
Runels Massachusetts
Ruth Hyde Outdoor Program Center Oregon
Ruth Weigard Ohio
Sacajawea Iowa
Sacajawea Kansas
Sacajawea Pennsylvania
Sacajawea Virginia
Sacajawea Wisconsin
Sacajawea Wyoming
Sacajawea - East Missouri
Sacajawea #1 NJ New Jersey
Sacajawea #2 NJ New Jersey
Sagamore Pennsylvania
Sagamore Hills Ohio
Sagata Minnesota
Sa-Gis-Ca Maine
Sakahawea Kansas
Sakajawea, Sacajawea - West Missouri
Sakakawea Michigan
Sakakawea #1 North Dakota
Sakakawea #2 North Dakota
Sal-Mo-Cook Maine
Sanderson Minnesota
Sandierra California
Sandoneida Ohio
Sandy Bend West Virginia
Sandy Ridge South Carolina
Sandybook Massachusetts
Sayre Massachusetts
Scelkit Maine
Schelly Ridge Pennsylvania
Schermann California
Schoeneck Pennsylvania
SCO-DA-CA New York
Scott Oklahoma
Scout Haven Georgia
Scout Woodlands / Woodlands Maryland
Scoutana Montana
Scout-A-Wanda Pennsylvania
Scoutcrest Florida
Scoutshire Woods Alabama
Seaside Program Center Oregon
Seawood New Hampshire
Seely Outdoor Program Center California
Seely Outdoor Program Center Connecticut
Segun West Virginia
Segur Ohio
Seikooc Kansas
Seminole Springs Florida
Seph Mack Pennsylvania
Sequea Massachusetts
Seven Hills New York
Seven Pines Michigan
Seven Springs North Carolina
Seybaha South Dakota
Shabbona Hills Illinois
Shabonee Illinois
Shadow Rim, Shadow Rim Ranch Arizona
Shadowbrook California
Shadowbrook Maryland
Shaganappi Wisconsin
Shantituck Kentucky
Shaumahatchee Florida
Shawadasee Michigan
Shawandasse Texas
Shawano Kentucky
Shawnee Kansas
Shawnee Virginia
Shebaqua Pennsylvania
Sheldon Nebraska
Shenandoah Virginia
Shenango Valley Pennsylvania
Sheppard's Mill New Jersey
Sherwood Michigan
Sherwood Forest North Carolina
She-Te-Muc New York
Shingobee Timbers Minnesota
Shirley Rogers North Carolina
Shirmanan Iowa
Shore Lea Massachusetts
Sid Edmonds Alabama
Silver Cloud Montana
Silver Meadows Missouri
Silver Springs Texas
Silverbrook Wisconsin
Silverton Texas
Sinawa Wisconsin
Singing Bird Lodge Illinois
Singing Hills Alaska
Singing Hills Indiana
Singing Hills Pennsylvania
Singing Hills Texas
Singing Hills Wisconsin
Singing Pines California
Singing Pines Washington
Singing River Ohio
Singing Waters Maryland
Skimino Virginia
Sky Acres Vermont
Sky High New York
Sky High Ranch Colorado
Sky Meadows California
Sky Oaks California
Skyland Ranch California
Skyland Trails California
Skylark Ranch California
Skymeadow Pennsylvania
Sky-Wa-Mo Tennessee
Small Valley Pennsylvania
Smithfield Virginia
Smokey Timbers Minnesota
Smoky Timbers Kansas
Soci Maine
So-Ko-We-Gi Vermont
Soldwedel Illinois
Sombero Arizona
Soni Springs Michigan
Sonora California
South Camp Drake Japan
South Mountain Pennsylvania
Splinter West Virginia
Split Rock Massachusetts
Sprauge Connecticut
Spruce Pond New Hampshire
Spruce Ridge New York
St. Albans Washington
Standing Indian North Carolina
Standish Massachusetts
Stanislaus  California
Star Fort South Carolina
Starwood Outdoor Center Kansas
Stem Adventure Center/ Stem Program Center Indiana
Stephens Arizona
Stepping Stones Ohio
Stetler Wisconsin
Stevens Ranch Texas
Stone Chimney New York
Stonewall Jackson Texas
Stonybrook Ohio
Success Nevada
Sugar Creek New York
Sugar Hollow Virginia
Sugar Pine California
Sugarbush Ohio
Sugarbush Vermont
Sunnydale Missouri
Sunset Hills Pennsylvania
Susquahanna Maryland
Susquehannock Pennsylvania
Suzanne, Suzanne Childress Missouri
Swannie Oklahoma
Swauk Washington
Sweetwater GSC Texas
Sycamore Hills Tennessee
Sycamore Ridge Ohio
Sycamore Valley Indiana
Sylvia Stapley Oklahoma
Tahigwa Iowa
Talahi Illinois
Talitha Indiana
Tall Chief Oklahoma
Ta-Man-A-Wis Idaho
Tamarack Notch Vermont
Tanasi Tennessee
Tanglefoot Iowa
Tanglewood Georgia
Tanglewood Indiana
Tannassie Tennessee
Tanne Germany
Tapawingo California
Tapawingo Illinois
Tar Hollow Ohio
Tarheelia North Carolina
Tarrywood Washington
Taupawshas Massachusetts
Tautona California
TDAF Lodge, Tom & Danielle Aman Foundation South Dakota
Tea-Qui-Mead Ohio
Teata Missouri
Te-Ata New Jersey
Tecumseh Ohio
Tecuya California
Tekakwitha New York
Telogia Florida
Tenday Idaho
Tenkiller Oklahoma
Tepicon Indiana
Tesoma Wisconsin
Texlake Texas
The Timbers Michigan
Thokani Mississippi
Thompson Pennsylvania
Thunderbird Montana
Thunderbird New Mexico
Ticochee Florida
Tik-A-Witha Mississippi
Tillicum Hollow Washington
Tilting Acres Ohio
Timber Hill Ohio
Timber Ridge Georgia
Timber Trail Michigan
Timber Trails Massachusetts
Timbercrest Montana
Timbercrest New York
Timberford Florida
Timberlake Kansas
Timberlake Pennsylvania
Timberlake Texas
Timberland Colorado
Timberlane Ohio
Timberloft California
Tioga California
Tioga Pennsylvania
Tiwaushara Wisconsin
Todd Maryland
To-hi-ka-nee Pennsylvania
Tomahawk Ranch Colorado
Tombigee Alabama
Tomlin Forest Outdoor Program Center Oregon
Tongawood Program Center Kansas
Tonkawa Texas
Tonweya-Taiyta North Dakota
Top of the Pines Colorado
Topside Connecticut
Torqua Illinois
Townshend/Townsend Connecticut
Traillee North Carolina
Treasure Creek Pennsylvania
Trefoil Connecticut
Trefoil Pennsylvania
Trefoil Tennessee
Trefoil New York
Trefoil Oaks GSSC Wisconsin
Trefoil Ranch, Camp Trefoil Ranch Utah
Trefoil Trails Pennsylvania
Trico Alabama
Truxtun Maryland
Tuckaho Missouri
Tuckerman Maryland
Tucson-Hayden Arizona
Tupelo Ohio
Turkey Creek Kansas
Tweedale Pennsylvania
Twin Hills Vermont
Twin Pines Montana
Twin Ridge Kentucky
Twisted Pine Lodge Colorado
Two Sentinels California
Umpah Pennsylvania
Unaliyi Ohio
US Indian School New Mexico
Uwharrie North Carolina
Valley Forge Pennsylvania
Valley View Ohio
Vic-to-Rae Wisconsin
Vineyard Sailing Camp Massachusetts
Virginia Massachusetts
Virginia Anderson Illinois
Von Oven Illinois
Wabak South Carolina
Wabasso New Hampshire
Wacousta Michigan
Wa-Ha-Na-Ha Illinois
Wahanetta Rhode Island
Wahi Mississippi
Wah-Shah-She Oklahoma
Wai Lani Florida
Wakatomika Ohio
Wakikatina Massachusetts
Wakoda New York
Wakonda Iowa
Wakpa Puza South Dakota
Walhonding Ohio
Wallace Creek Outdoor Program Center Oregon
Walleila Georgia
Wallenjinda Minnesota
Walter Wyoming
Wa-Lu-Hi-Yi Pennsylvania
Wampanoag Massachusetts
Wanacomback Ohio
Wanake Ohio
Wanakiwin Minnesota
Waneeshi New York
Wapanacki Vermont
Wapello Iowa
Wapicada Iowa
Wapi-Kamigi Indiana
Warren Michigan
Warwick Rhode Island
Wa-Shawtee Iowa
Wasiu #1 California
Wasiu #2 California
Wassatoga Illinois
Watusea Massachusetts
Watymca South Dakota
Wayaka Maine
Weetamoe New Hampshire
Weiderman Kansas
Welaka Florida
Welcome Georgia
Wendy New York
Wendy Rose Kansas
Wequapauset Connecticut
Wesco Pennsylvania
West Carter Valley Tennessee
Westana Montana
Wesumkee Florida
Whalen Cabin Iowa
Wheaton Byers Massachusetts
Wheelgate West Virginia
Whip Poor Will Ohio
Whip Poor Will Hills Ohio
Whippoorwill Indiana
Whippoorwill Maryland
Whippoorwill Tennessee
Whip-Poor-Will Iowa
Whispering Cedars Texas
Whispering Hills Minnesota
Whispering Oaks California
Whispering Oaks Illinois
Whispering Oaks Texas
Whispering Pines Louisiana
Whispering Pines North Carolina
Whispering Pines Texas
Whispering Pines New York
Whispering Pines Program Center Arizona
Whispering Winds Oregon
Whispering Woods Michigan
White Beaver Montana
White Deer Wisconsin
White Meadow California
White's Landing California
Widjiwagan Illinois
Wi-Gi-Sco-Ca Wisconsin
Wild Rose Illinois
Wildrose Iowa
Wildwood Florida
Wildwood Iowa
Wildwood Ohio
Wildwood Pennsylvania
Wildwood Tennessee
Will-Bea Pennsylvania
Willer Alabama
William Butterworth Ohio
William Long Washington
William Penn Pennsylvania
Williamsville Day Camp New York
Willipa Washington
Willow Springs Program Center Arizona
Winacka California
Wind-A-Mere Texas
Windego Wisconsin
Windigo Indiana
Winding Creek Florida
Winding Creek Illinois
Winding River Wisconsin
Winding River and Equestrian Center Missouri
Wind-In-The-Pines Massachusetts
Wind-O-Willows Idaho
Windy Knob Tennessee
Windy Meadows New York
Windy Waters Georgia
Winema Program Center Oregon
Wingaersheek Massachusetts
Win-I-Mar Kansas
Winnecomac Wisconsin
Winnetaska Massachusetts
Winona Maryland
Winooski Maryland
Wintergreen Cabin Ohio
Wisagona South Dakota
Wischixl, Wischixi West Virginia
Wistagoman South Carolina
Withlacoochee Florida
Wi-Wo-Ca California
Wood Haven Pennsylvania
Wood Haven New York
Wood Lake Texas
Wood-E-Lo-Hi New York
Woodhaven California
Woodhaven Ohio
Woodhaven Tennessee
Woodhaven Wisconsin
Woodland Missouri
Woodlands South Dakota
Woody Acres Illinois
Worchester Massachusetts
Wunnegin New York
Wyndro Maryland
Yaiewano New York
Yankee Trail, Yankee Trail Outdoor Program Center Connecticut
Yataka Mississippi
Yennet Lodge Ohio
Youghahela Pennsylvania
Zella Zimmerman New Mexico
Zilker Cabin Texas
Zoar Valley New York