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Girl Scout Canteens


Staying hydrated is nothing new to a smart Girl Scout!


Although canteens were offered in the GS catalogs earlier than 1934,

they don't seem to have the GS logo on them.

The 1934 catalog clearly shows the GS logo.





This canteen with the GS logo may never have been available.

The catalog clearly notes that it is not available.

 This may have been due to printing of the catalog prior to war rationing of metals.

The same style was offered in 1944, 1946, 1947 & 1948S without the logo.

This design was reintroduced 1948F, in only one size: quart.


1954, originally it may have had an aluminum cap, but by 1956 it clearly states plastic cap.







These don't seem to have the GS logo on them

1996, the pink canteen was dropped in favor of eggplant color


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