Vintage Girl Scout Online Museum

Girl Scout Flashlights

Smaller version offered

1928 - green finish

1929-1930 - grey-green finish

1931-1933 - jade green, smaller version offered


Eveready 1931

GS insignia on top


Although 2 different brands of flashlights were sold in the GS catalogs, the Eveready was labeled the "official" GS flashlight, and carried a 1/2 page ad to tell everyone.

1938 - 1941


1938 - 1941

b&w image duo-flashlight green enamel

with trefoil on base







green enamel case, "bail" handle


GS Logo changed in 1954


Delta Buddy 1951

"Delta Buddy"








2 yellow stripes 1956

1957  Twin-set, Spring catalog only 

Red Plastic Head, same green and yellow paint.

not sure if any models of this flashlight had the GS insignia


1957 - Ridges on red cap

1960 - smooth red cap





1959, longer red cap

1966, shorter red cap

white, green & red stripes

 1971 - Brownie

1971 yellow stripes



The camp light made the cover of the catalog!

orange & green stripes


New contemporary logo and Brownie light added.

No apparent GS logo

Probably the briefest description of a flashlight ever!


1987 - "Girl Scouts" was added to "Brownie" on the yellow flashlight

1995 - the Copyright symbol was added to the new colors of the mini lights



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