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Girl Scout Knives - Folding Blades


Girl Scouting has offered official knives from the earliest days.  There are two basic styles;  Fixed Blade (one single blade that doesn't move and uses a sheath to cover it) , and Foldable Blade (one, two or four blades that fold into the handle) also known as Pocket Knives and Pen Knives. Dating these knives can be a challenge as manufacturing companies came and went. Valuable dating information came from an article on the History of Girl Scout Knives by James F. Rines, in Knife World Magazine.

1919 Girl Scout Catalog

Although the manufacture of these knives is not identified in this catalog listing, the Ulster Company has been identified as the earliest maker of official Girl Scout knives with the Girl Scout emblem.

1921 Girl Scout Catalog

1926 -  no "small size" has been identified,
 likely it means the two-blade version.


Curiously, the price of the Girl Scout knives dropped over these few years.

Ulster Knife Company

1919 - 1941, likely sold earlier

3 3/8" bone handles

4 blade Ulster Girl Scout Knife

Early Ulster/GS emblem on left, later Ulster/GS emblem on right.

1934 Ad

This unidentified knife may be the two blade Ulster

Ulster Girl Scout Knife Box

Remington Arms Company

1930 - 1944

Remington Arms Company of Bridgeport, Connecticut offered one version of the 4 blade knife, three versions of the 2 blade knife (3 3/8") and one version of a 2 blade knife that was 3" long over the years between 1930 and 1941. All had bone handles. Remington halted production with the metal restrictions of World War II.

1933 Ad


Utica Cutlery

Utica Cutlery produced foldable knives for Girl Scouting from 1933 until 1956. They offered three versions of the 4 blade knife, one version of the 2 blade knife and one version of the 2 blade knife with a bone handle. All others had the mottled green "mother of pearl" or striped green celluloid handles.







Side by side comparison of the common 3 3/8" and the rarer 3 5/8" versions.


There are 2 versions of the red plastic handled Brownie knife; 
1957-1960 has a lock, the 1960-1973 version does not have a lock. 


Plastic Handle 1956-1971

Plastic Handle 1973-1979


Likely a color variation of the 1973-1979 knife

This vintage Schrade knife does not carry the emblem. It could have been a special order, or proto-type.

Unknown vintage knife with "Girl Scout" on side, no GS emblem.


1981 - Unknown manufacturer


1987 - Unknown manufacturer

1994 - Schrade Cutlery

1995 - Unknown manufacturer


1998 - color change from navy blue to green




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