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Girl Scout Knives - Fixed Blades
The first official Girl Scout fixed blade knife
 was offered January 1926 by the
Cattaraugus Cutlery Company of New York
 with a 3 1/2" blade with the trefoil on the blade.
"Girl Scouts" was stamped on the tan sheath
 and had a Cattaraugus Cutlery snap.
It sold for $1.60.
Fixed blade knives were not offered
during the World War II era due to metal shortages,
 but reappeared in the catalog in 1947.
Fixed blade knives were discontinued by 1970-1971 catalog




Marble Arms & Mfg. Company of Michigan

4" forged steel blade with trefoil stamped on blade.
Handle is 3 1/2"  and made of red leather and black fiber,
 aluminum pommel and brass hilt.
Sheath is tan with "Girl Scouts" embossed on outside.
Snap says "Marble".
Original price $2.00.
Remington Arms Company


4" blade with the trefoil etched
between the words "Girl" and "Scout".
Handle was stacked leather washers
with nickel silver and red fiber inserts.
Hilt was nickel silver and pommel was aluminum.
Dyed green leather sheath was embossed
 with trefoil and had Remington snap.
Production of knife stopped during World War II
when Remington Company was enlisted
to built war planes.
Official Maker Unknown


4" blade with stacked leather washer handle
and aluminum "turned down" pommel.
 Tanned cow hide sheath with trefoil.
Schrade Walden

4" high carbon steel blade with trefoil etched on blade.
Stacked leather washer handle that has
 noticeable girth in the center.
 Aluminum pommel.
Tan cow hide sheath.
1953-1954 sheath has traditional trefoil logo
1955-1960 sheath has "GS" inside trefoil shape


4 1/2" steel blade with trefoil.
 Handle of stacked leather washers
with finger grooves.
Tan cow hide sheath with floral decorations
 and trefoil on belt loop.
Schrade Walden


4 1/2" (it is thought to be a misprint in 63-65 catalogs
that list this blade as 5 1/2") steel blade.
 Stamped with GS trefoil logo.
 Blade design varied.
Sheath of cow hide had many variations.
 One shown is a deer. Price was $2.75.

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