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Girl Scout Mess Kits

The earliest mess kits did not have any Girl Scout insignia on them and are not included here.

During the World War II era ( late 1941 - 1945 in America)
mess kits were not offered in the GS catalogs except for 1945, when a steel version was offered. It did not appear to carry any insignia of Girl Scouting.


Only the khaki carrying case has the trefoil on it.

The case is now green, but doesn't mention the trefoil. Images in the 1939-1940 GS catalogs show a hint of a trefoil on the carrying case, but it is vague.


Trefoil stamped on green twill carrying case

Green Plaid carrying case appears

Green Plastic cup appears

Change in the plaid design on carrying case.


Solid green nylon carrying case, trefoil on carrying case and clearly on handle of pan.


Contemporary trefoil


Blue nylon carrying case


Black cup appears


White trefoil and wording on nylon carrying case instead of yellow.
Not sure if it's just coloring error when printing the catalog.


No trefoil or other GS insignia noted


Table Set
Non-cooking Mess kit
Insignia on cup

The traditional mess kit (2003 version) was last seen in the 2013 Summer catalog.


Current Table Set/Non-cooking mess kit


Box cover

Early carrying case

Detail of the plaid fabric of the carrying cases.
Early mess kits had the design on an angle, later kits weren't,
but the design remained the same.

The quality and detail of the traditional trefoil on the handle varies

Trefoil on snap of carrying cases


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