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Miscellaneous Bakers - Major Bakers have their own pages

Shown below are some of the extinct bakers of Girl Scout cookies, and their boxes and containers, some with dates!

Bakers came and went through the years, sometimes merging with other companies, then only to be resold later.

Both "Modern Era" bakers of today have their roots in the mergers and acquisitions of the early years.

Poster 1938 era


Independent Baking Company
Davenport, Iowa

Grennan Bakeries
Chicago, IL

Carr Consolidated Biscuit Company
Chicago IL, Wilkes-Barre PA, Boston, MA


Publicity Photo - Mrs. Harry Truman and
Girl Scouts, Carr-Consolidated GS Cookies

Blue Ribbon Cake Company
Kingston, PA  

Pogens Family Bakery
Compton, CA

1970s era
image: Mel Squiers
Girl Scouts Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont
Keebler Biscuit Company

Grandma Cookie Company
Portland, OR

Brownie Baker Company
Spokane, WA

1966 Cookie Case for
Brownie Baker Company
Spokane WA

United Biscuit Company

Mint Cookie


Peanut Butter Sandwich

Butter Flavored Shortbread

Swiss Chalet


Cream Filled Assorted
Supreme Bakers, 
of Bowmen Biscuit Company, 
a subsidiary of
 United Biscuit Company, Denver, CO

Assorted Cremes Box
unknown year