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Girl Scout Cookie Cutters

A Girl Scout cookie cutter has all the potential of dozens of yummy cookies!

1984 news article


Vintage Girl Scout Cookie Cutter Box



 image Angie Olds

1933 - 1948




This is the well known Drip-o-lator style, though the slogan is not visible in the catalogs or mentioned in the listing.



Sold singly from 1957-1963

Trio set of cookie cutters 1964-1972


Trio Set of cookie cutters 1982

Yellow Junior Girl Scout, Green round contemporary design, white trefoil contemporary design


Trio set of cookie cutters, same design as 1982, a little variety in the color of plastic.







2 views of this trefoil shaped cookie cutter

 image: C. M.



Copper Cookie Cutter

image: Angie Olds