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Brownie Scout Marigolds


Many seed companies offered the Brownie Marigold, so far 5 have been identified.


Flower & Garden magazine with Brownie Girl Scout and marigolds

Note that the packet is only 15 cents!

This one lists the marigold as gold with red flecks.

Image - Altvaters

American Seed, Inc

Lancaster, PA


Ferry's Seeds
Same photo as shown left, but different font on top, and costs more.



This package has the following:
Marigold Brownie Scout
Double French Dwarf
 Annual, Height 8", rich golden,
fully double flowers with flecks of maroon
near the bases of the petals.
 Mandeville & King Co




The one with the Brownie Girl Scout on the front lists the following:
Marigold Brownie Scout
Dwarf French Double
compact little plants about 10" tall.
Flowers golden yellow flecked brown.
Asgrow Seed Company,



W. Atlee Burpee Co.

Same photo of the flowers from the American Seed, Inc packet shown upper left, except for the bottom 1" or so.