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Juliette Low Memorial or Historic Trees

Prior to her death in 1927, the Juliette Low Memorial tree was a Red Maple (Acer rubrum), as noted below. However, after her death there seems to be a universal call for the Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) to honor her. Girl Scouting has also been honored with a "Moon Tree."


1925 Library of Congress image showing the actual planting of the red maple. Why is it that the adults are doing the work?
Savannah Tree Foundation

The Savannah Tree Foundation of Savannah, GA offers "Tree Tours" of historic or scenic trees. They list the Juliette Low Southern Magnolia on their list of historic trees - meaning the one growing outside her birthplace.

The Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa, FL operates a "MOSI Outside" program that includes a grove of historic trees. They have planted a Southern Magnolia in honor of Juliette Low.

This website is working to document important trees of Georgia, and one of its nominations is the "Southern Magnolia at Juliette Low's Birthplace"

Girl Scout Camp Koch, Cannelton, Indiana

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17 Red Oaks were planted here on
March 19, 1932 by the Philadelphia Girl Scouts 
to mark the Bicentennial of the Birth of
George Washington
American Tree Association

Does anyone know WHERE in Philadelphia?
Are they still standing?