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Australia Girl Guides

Australia Girl Guides

Australia Girl Guides 8-Point Badge Program
The 8 point badge program was similar to the Eight Pointe Programme of the United Kingdom. Each level had a set of requirements and was not awarded until 12 months had passed from the Guide's Promise Ceremony or the awarding of the last eight point badge.
The last pin, the Link pin, was awarded at the last meeting of a Guide when she graduated to Rangers. It was then worn on her Ranger uniform.
The pins are also similar to the UK pins, but taller.







Baden-Powell Guild of Australia & New Zealand, image donated by Paul McVicar










Lone Guide


Promise Pin, all ages


Youth Long Service - 10years +




2000 Celebration Pin


Older Guide Badge



Endeavor Pin & Patch,

comes in bronze, silver and gold


Older Brownie Badge



B-P Awards

Create Water Challenge (badge)

Explore Faith Challenge (badge)

Achievements (badges)

Olave Baden-Powell Award

Peak Focus

International Year of Rice Pin & Silk

Pink Heath Patrol Emblem


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