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Girl Guides of Canada - 2

 Age Level Enrollment Pins 1984 - current


Current Age Levels:


Sparks - 5,6 years old

Brownies - 7,8 years old

Guides - 9, 10 ,11 years old

Pathfinders - 12 -15 years old

Senior Branches - 15-17        Cadets, Jr. Leaders, Rangers)


Guiding Stars Pin, showing a color for each branch of Girl Guiding. This is a fun pin, not official.

This was the first enrollment pin (button style)

L- older Sparks Enrollment Pin

R- Current Sparks Enrollment Pin

Sparks began in 1988-1989

Older Sparks to Brownie Bridging Pin

Current Sparks to Brownie Bridging Pin


                                iintcan2a.jpg                                                                                                Current Brownie Enrollment Pin

New Brownie Key Pin for the newly revamped program that has Brownie Keys. May be handed out as Brownie leaves this level for Guiding.

Brownie Fun and Adventure Pin, discontinued


Guide Enrollment Pin

Lady Baden-Powell Award for Guide level only

Guide Fun and Challenge Pin, given as the guide leaves the Guide level


Interest Badge - Provincial Heritage, current


Pathfinder Enrollment Pin

Pathfinder Badges have 3 levels; bronze, silver and gold - shown is the Outdoor Emblem - current

bronze border

silver border

gold border


Senior Branches group the Rangers, Cadets and Young Leaders.

Rangers wear the red enrollment pin and work on their own activities as a unit.


Cadets wear white and learn leadership skills working in all age levels of Guiding.

Michelle Jermy

Junior Leaders  started in 1973, wear  blue and learn leadership skills in onelevel of Guiding

Michelle Jermy

Ranger Enrollment Pin

Ranger Look Wide 4 Pin, also came in 12 & 16 and were discontinued in 1998

(Image donated by Louise St. Germain)

The Senior Branches pin

Commonwealth Award can be earned by the Senior Branches


Older Service Star with felt backing


Service Stars are a girl level award for at least 75% attendance at Unit meetings. If the girl is a Lone Scout, Service Star is awarded at the discretion of the Guider. Girls wear only one star at a time, indicating the total number of years in Guiding.

Service Stars are discontinued



Adult Pins


Linda Butler remembers this as being a Guider's Pin



Leadership Pips, worn on collar of uniform, discontinued in 1984

Adult Member Bars, show the number of years as an adult in Girl Guiding, discontinued


Trefoil Guide Enrollment Pin

for adults


Brown Owl and Tawny Owl, Brownie Leader and Co-leader pins

Sparks Leader Pin

Guide Leader Pin

(Michelle Jermy)

Pathfinder Leader Pin

Senior Branches Leader Pin would be white.

Just a note.  The green GGC pin under the Friendship pins on the Canada 2 page should be with the Stage 1, 2, 3 pins.  The green maple leaf pin was given first in 1957 when the first Maple Leaf Course was held.  This pin was discontinued in 1987.



(Michelle Jermy)

Stage 1 of Leadership Development - red

Stage 2 is blue,  Stage 3 is gold

(Michelle Jermy)

Currently the Leadership Development pins are plain, without the Roman Numerals.



Thanks Pins

Green version for non-members


Traditional Style Thanks Pin came in blue for members


Thanks Pins, age unknown



Possibly a 1966 Thanks Pin - not actually a pin, but a plaque that could be turned into jewelry.





Friendship Pins



Anniversary Pin


Golden Jubilee 1960


75th Celebration 1985


Olave Baden-Powell Centennial - 1989


90th Anniversary 2000



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