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World Thinking Day

Thinking Day (February 22) was adopted at the World Conference in 1926 as the day to celebrate Lord and Lady Baden-Powell's joint birthdays and to remember that Girl Scouting and Girl Guiding are worldwide movements. At first "Thinking Day" was slow to be adopted world-wide, but is now universal.

In 1999 the name was changed to WORLD THINKING DAY.

Most celebrations were/are at the troop and council level. Therefore, finding national or international World Thinking Day items can be hard to find and date.

     Many troops and councils use the time between Juliette Low's birthday on October 31 until February 22 to collect donations for the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund. This fund started in 1932 as "pennies for Juliette" when Girl Scouts would literally collect pennies from the neighborhood for the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund. Later, Girl Scouts would donate a "penny per year" of either how old the Girl Scout was OR how many years she was in Girl Scouts.

Newspaper articles mentioning Girl Scout Thinking Day events didn't show up until the early 1940's, and then only rarely. By 1950 many local newspapers carried brief articles explaining the day.

Photo and brochure from a 1938 Thinking Day pageant sent in by Renee!



This 1947 newspaper article (shown left) gives a good explination of World Thinking Day and how the collected funds were used worldwide.

There is a lot of confusion as to the proper name for February 22. Now we call it World Thinking Day, however it's also still called by the older term Thinking Day and sometimes Juliette Low Thinking Day and other terms.

Shown above are 3 early patches, the two orange ones are "stock patches" with personalization.




Early photo patch for Thinking Day, sold for years

WAGGGS World Thinking Day pins, patch & silk


In 2001 GSUSA offered matching pin & patch sets for World Thinking Day:

Oddly, "World" was left off this set.

Girl Scout World Thinking Day photo patches 2004-2009

WAGGGS developed the "Girls Worldwide Say" for 2007 in 3 languages:

WAGGGS World Thinking Day 2007 Patch in English

WAGGGS World Thinking Day 2008 Patch in English

WAGGGS World Thinking Day 2009 Patch in Spanish



In 2010 WAGGGS offered a pin & patch set in 3 languages using simplified themes from the United Nations. They continue today.

Although the patch included both themes for 2013,
 2 separate pins were issued

This Taiwan patch shows the WAGGGS World Thinking Day symbols around the edge.



GSUSA official World Thinking Day (photo) patches followed the WAGGGS themes in an even more simplified terms. They did not offer pins.







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