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United Kingdom Girl Guides 2

Adult Pins

Diamond Lapel Pins for Adult Wear in Uniform - 1968

I don't know why one District pin is in silver and the other gold. Perhaps issued at different times?

District Commissioner

District Commissioner

Division Commissioner

County Commissioner

Chief Commissioner/Deputy

Division Commissioner gold version

Possibly Trainer


Trainer Pins


Trainer - Specialist Level c.1969



Trainer - Certificate Level c.1969



(oxidized silver)

Trainer - Diploma Level, not endorsed for training c.1969



Trainer - Diploma Level, highest level of trainer. c.1969


Guider Warrant Badge for Brownie Leaders


Guider Warrant Badge for Lieutenant


Guider Warrant Badge for Guide Level


Guider Warrant Badge for Ranger Level

Missing color - white (cadet)


Guider Warrant for Sea Rangers



Guider Warrant Badge, Air Ranger

Silver Version of Trefoil Guild Badge



More Common Gold Version of Trefoil Guild



Supporters of Guiding given to non-members of the Local Association who are not obligated by the Guide promise. c.1959

Music in the Pack, Guider's Pin

Campfire Leader, Guiders Pin

(Rangers & Adults)

(green quills)

Secretary Badge - Camp Recorder when no Camp Advisor is available c.1950

(white quills)

Secretary Badge for District or Division c.1950

(Michelle Jermy)

Red Quills for County Secretary



Baden-Powell Centenary Pin 
honoring the 100th birthday of the founder of the Scouting movement. The USA had a pin version also.







image donated by R.A. Gilbert

burgundy red version


Honoring the Queen's 25th Jubilee

image donated by R.A. Gilbert




Honoring the Queen's 50th Jubilee


Chris Comfort

60th Anniversary of the Ranger Guide level

1994 Good Service Pin


Qwest Badge - 1979 (Ranger & Adults)

75th Anniversary of the Ranger level (yes, the years don't match up with the 60th pin!)

Ranger Challenge Badge


BP Centennial Pin, showing the Shamrock, Rose and Thistle


Ambassador Guide Pin


Vintage Thanks Pin, Green Version


First version of Friendship Pin and Patch


Pre-1994 Friendship Pin and Patch


Current Friendship Pin and Patch

Official for Uniformed Wear

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