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Current Investment Pin, worn by all Philippine Girl Scouts, regardless of age level.


1961 era Troop Leader pin

1961 era Troop Committee pin


1992 era Troop Leader pin


Troop Committee pin



Twinklers started during the 1979-1981 transition in the Philippine Girl Scout program.

Twinklers are 4,5 and 6 years old. They meeting in a "Golden Ring" as a troop, then break up in to smaller groups called clusters. The leader of the cluster is called a Sparkler. The troop leader is called a Guiding Star, the co-leader is the Shining Star and the Junior Girl Scout helper is called Venus

Twinklers earn badges called Challenges and when they graduate to Star Scouts the get a "Moving On" pin.


older Twinkler pin


Current Twinkler pin

current Twinklers Handbook

Sample Twinkler badge "Art Work"

Star Scouts

Originally, they were called Brownies, but at some point the name changed to Star Scouts.

Star Scouts are ages 6,7,8 and 9. They meeting in a Star Troop and girls are grouped into clusters of 6-8 girls. Each cluster has a name and color; Star Beam(yellow), Stardust (red), Starlight (white), Starray (pink) and Starglow (red orange).

Bright Star is the cluster leader, Big Stars are Junior Girl Scouts who help out. North Star is the Troop leader and Morning Star is the co-leader. Girls earn badges that are in the shape of stars.

1959 era Philippine Brownie pin


Star Scout pin without cutout above banner

1986 era Star Scout pin


Silver version of Star Scout pin



earlier red, white & blue pin that says "Star Scout"


Current Star Scout pin

Very Early Brownie Elf Emblem


Girl Scouts of the Philippine I.D. strip


Current Star Scout Handbook

sample of Star Scout badge, My Hobbies

Junior Girl Scouts

Philippine Junior Girl Scouts are 9,10,11 and 12 years old. Aside from earning badges (triangle shaped), Juniors work on an 8-Point Challenge: Well Being, Family Life, Economic Self Sufficiency, Environment, Preparedness, Heritage and Citizenship, Arts, and World Community.

Juniors can also work on the CHERISH program - Children's Health Enhanced and Rehabilitated In Scouting Hands, a program for children 11 years old and younger in need loving care for a variety of reasons.

vintage uniform




Cloth Doll in Philippine Girl Scout uniform

1961 era membership pin


older Junior Scout pin


Current Junior pin


examples of current Junior badges:

Knitter Junior badge

Laundry Soap Maker Junior badge

Gardener Junior badge

WAGGGS Junior badge

Senior Scouts

Senior Girl Scouts are 13,14 or 15 years old. They work on badges (rectangle shaped) and the 8-Point Challenge. Senior Girl Scouts also have addition programs to keep their interest; the GSP Saver Team, for  example is for those how like to help in time of disaster. 

The highest award that can be earned is the Chief Girl Scout Medal. It takes about one year to earn this community work award. 

possibly a Senior pin

early Senior pin


current Senior pin


current Senior handbook

examples of Senior badges:

Ecologist Badge


Outdoor Adventure


Cadet Scouts:

Cadet Girl Scouts range in age from 15 through 21. The focus of the Cadet Girl Scouts is leadership. Girls work through a 4 phase program designed to practice and improved leadership skills. They can also work on badges (octagonal shaped), the 8-Point Challenge and earning training pins in 3 fields; GSP Troop Leadership, Community Development and Careers.

early Cadet pin


current Cadet pin

Current Cadet handbook

example of a Cadet Badge

Additional Philippine Girl Scout items







Credentialed Trainer



Bolo Ties

Examples of Friendship Pins each with the GSP logo







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