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Girl Scout Short Stories #1 and #2 were the first books of compilations of articles from the American Girl magazine.

Any Girl Can Be Good Looking is another compilation of articles from the American Girl magazine.

This painting of the young lady is also on the cover of the American Girl magazine, April 1950. It was part of an essay contest called "Typical American Girl."

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This hardback book doesn't carry the "American Girl Library" logo, nor does it mention Girl Scouting on the cover. Platt & Munk Publishing

Alternate Cover



American Girl Library logo

There are 11 books in the hardback series of American Girl Books. The Girl Scout Collector's Guide (2nd ed.) only mentions 10, omitting the American Girl Cook Book. 

Random House Publishing

#1 in the series of hardback books with the trefoil in the corner

 "A first date is something special--something a girl will never forget. Some of the first dates described in these pages are perfect as a dream, while others are perfect disasters. But all were something to remember. These stories, originally published in 'The American Girl Magazine', will be enjoyed by every girl who has ever had a first date, or is looking forward to one"


Newspaper ads mention some of the American Girl Book titles


The American Girl Book of Teen-Age Questions



The newspaper ad show a different cover for the book with the same title.


Books (L-R) #8, #9, #10

These books are in order of their numbers on the spine, omitting the Cook Book that came out a year later.



There are 3 known reprints of the American Girl hardback series in paperback, Windward Books (division of Random House).

1) American Girl Book of Sport Stories (2 different covers, priced 75 cents and 85 cents)

2) American Girl Book of Dog Stories

3) American Girl Book of Horse Stories


In addition to the American Girl Magazine and American Girl Books, American Girl also offered reprints of important articles and even sewing patterns of the fashions from the magazine.

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