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Mary Gene LeBlanc, GS Western OK


Mary Gene LeBlanc, GS Western OK

Mary Gene LeBlanc, GS Western OK

Mary Gene LeBlanc, GS Western OK


Mary Gene LeBlanc, GS Western OK

Mary Gene LeBlanc, GS Western OK

Mary Gene LeBlanc, GS Western OK






"American Girl" fashions shows became popular in 1947 in big cities. Sponsored by the local Girl Scout council and big-named stores that carried the fashions shown in the American Girl magazine, these shows promoted the new "teenager" styles.

Highlights included using the same models from the pages of American Girl in the fashion shows.

This newspaper ad promotes the Portland, Maryland Council and their "American Girl" fashion show at a Porteous Mitchell and Braun store. 1947







Painting #1

Painting #2

Painting #3

Painting #4

Painting #5

The March 1950 issue launched the start of the "Typical American Girl" Essay contest. The background of the cover shows the painted cover art that graced six issues of American Girl during the year (#6 is Jan. 1951). All of the paintings of girls were done by American (adult) artists. The "Typical American Girl" Essay contest asked girls to submit a short essay about why one of the paintings inspire thoughts of what is a typical American girl. The winning essay was for Painting #2.


Painting #6



This cover was offered as a separate poster for 25 cents

These 4 young women were the top winners of the American Girl National
Sub-teen Design Contest



Believe it or not, the cover model is the famous actress Sandra Dee. This was her very first modeling job ever. The cover was promoting a new section in American Girl called "Cooking with Judy". One of the cookies even says "Judy". The outfit was sewn for her by Simplicity Patterns.


Here's Sandra Dee again, this time with strawberry blonde hair (see April 1955 above)




Andy Worhol Cover Art


3 Girl Scout badges on the cover

A Girl Scout lunch tote on the cover

This issue shows a rare 49-starred U.S. flag on the cover because Alaska officially became a state on July 4, 1959.

Girl Scout Law bookmark on the cover

In addition to the American Girl Magazine and American Girl Books, American Girl also offered reprints of important articles and even sewing patterns of the fashions from the magazine.


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