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Daisy Magazine Covers

Daisy was a brief magazine publication of Girl Scouting. The first issue was in January of 1975, and it published monthly except for July, August & September when just a "summer" issue was sent. It's last issue was the summer of 1981.

The magazine was gear toward the older Brownie and Junior age reading levels with short articles with photos, games, poetry, crafts. Articles covered a wide variety of subjects; horses, the city of Pompeii, Olympics, famous people, etc. Girl Scouting and Girl Guiding are mentioned frequently.

These magazines are difficult to find today. All toll - there are 67 different covers to find. Just 28 are shown here.

If you have images of other Daisy magazine covers - please send them in!







December 1976







Summer edition 1977




April 1978

October 1978

November 1978

December 1978



The cover price for the magazine was 60 cents, indicating that it was sold on newsstands as well as by subscription.


February 1979

April 1979

May 1979

Summer 1979








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