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Girl Scout Fiction Books 1918-1930's

Vintage Girl Scout Fiction books are a challenge to find and sometimes, due to stereotypes and dated concerns, a challenge to read.

Not all books had the blessing of GSUSA.

Many books were published with different dust jacket covers.

 If you have images of missing books - please send them in.

Books are grouped by eras; using the first year an author published a work of Girl Scout fiction.

Many of these books are available FREE on Google Book and other book downloads.

The Girl Scout was reproduced a few times, with different covers. Published first in 1920, it is the story of Aggie Phillips and her amateur patrol. As the author was British I don't know if it's a story about Girl Guides or Girl Scouts.

A brief biography of the author Mrs. Margaret Vandercook written in 1953. After writing more than 50 books, in 1953 she only owned 2 of them!

These books started in 1921.

Welcome to the Girl Scout's Country Life Series and the lives of fictional Natalie Averill, Norma Evanston and Janet Wardell.

There are 7 titles in the "Mountain Series" of Lillian Elizabeth Roy's Girl Scout books.

Katherine Keene Galt's 3 book series of Girl Scout stories was reprinted several times, and the hardback books come in a variety of colors of cloth binding.

Both issues of Girl Scout Short Stories were reprinted a few times.
Both were sold through the GS catalog.

The Nancy Girl Scout series of books were sold in the GS catalog for several years.

All 6 stories are set in Mississippi and were never reprinted. Therefore, they are difficult to find.
Although I couldn't find any newspaper reviews, some online reviews note that the racial stereotypes in these volumes are especially difficult to read.

Nancy Nance was the nom de plume of Fern Elaine Nance Shumate (1910-2003), a gifted author of Ozark-focused stories.

This book is on some lists as being Girl Scout related. I haven't read it, so I'm not sure. It's the 3rd in the series (Shanty Brook Lodge and Toplofty) and follows the character Lynn Garrow.

These books by Hess, as well as others, were sold through the GS catalog.



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