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Resource Page - Things that AREN'T Girl Scout!

Frequently I get emails asking me to identify a pin, patch, badge, etc. that may look "Girl Scoutish" but in fact, belong to another group.  This page highlights some of the other programs that might be mistaken for Girl Scouts -


Girl Pioneers of America

Old Holy Name Society pin

A Roman Catholic confraternity for the laity
Confraternity of the Most Holy Name of God and Jesus

examples of Pathfinder Honors
Seventh Day Adventist youth program

oval, wool or felt-like fabric

Vintage 4-H County Awards

Vintage Beehive Girls Honor Badges

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints girl program

Belt sash with badges from the Oriole Girls

Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Girls Clubs of America membership pin

Felt Girl Reserves armband and membership pin

Y.W.C.A. girl program

The YWCA Girl Reserves program was renamed Y-Teens in 1946.

Felt pennant and membership pin

Future Homemakers of America membership pin

Very old silk Sunbeam Girls badges

Older examples (above) and newer Sunbeam Girls

Salvation Army girls program

Sunbeam Girls and Girl Guards emblems

Vintage and newer Girl Guard badges

Salvation Army girl program

Examples from the 1974 era badge program

Pioneer Girls

Christian Service Brigade girls program
Renamed and co-ed as Pioneers Clubs

Girls' Auxiliary membership pin

Women's Missionary Unit of the Southern Baptist Church

Girls' Auxiliary was renamed Girls In Action in 1970.

World War 1 program. It's purpose was to promote patriotism among American girls and do war-relief work. The group never gained the membership of other "girl" organizations and once World War I ended, so did the organization. 

Girls' Friendly Society of the USA membership pins

Episcopalian Church

open to all girls

Camp Fire Girls

Camp Fire Girls membership pins

Camp Fire Girls

Bluebird membership pins

Camp Fire Girls

Camp Fire Girls adult membership pins

Camp Fire Girls membership charms

examples of Torch Bearer Craft Honors
Camp Fire Girls




YMCA Y-Indian Princess patch