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Girl Scout Equestrian Units, "Mounted Troops"

There's always been a special relationship between girls and horses, and with Girl Scouting, it's no different. From the earliest days, horses have been with Girl Scouts, in residential camp settings or in special equestrian units called Mounted Troops. There was even an official uniform for Mounted Troops, consisting of a woolen jacket and riding breeches. This interest continued into the 1950s with unique Interest Patches for Senior Girl Scout troops for uniformed wear that lasted until the 1970s.


Catalog listing of Official Uniform For Mounted Troops and a pair of official Girl Scout riding breeches.


 Examples of Girl Scout Equestrian Fiction

Unidentified Girl/Horse unit, possibly Girl Scouts

Girl Scout/Horse unit

Girl Scout National Center West logo



This locally-made Girl Scout calendar from 1958 shows a Girl Scout in riding gear.

older clip art