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Very early Mariner manual

There were many Girl Scout troops that focused on boating skills before the Mariner Girl Scout program for Senior Girl Scouts officially began in 1934. Many of these programs were studied and helped to develop the uniform, ranking, pins and manuals of the Mariners.

1940 Mariner Bracelet


Mariner Logs, noting where they went!


Mariner ID Strip


Black Mariner Scarf, 2 Pocket Patches

Gob Style Hat with a Senior Scout Service Patch

The classic Mariner uniform changed little over the years. World War II shortages eliminated the 10 white buttons on the front of the skirt. The white braid on the skirt was discontinued in 1953. Official slacks and shorts were available. A blue beret was official for a time, but the sailor cap or "gob" hat was so popular the beret was discontinued. The whole uniform was discontinued in 1960. Mariners instead wore the green Senior uniform with a Mariner Interest patch.

Beret Style Hat

Mariner Manuals; L- R 1943, 1948,1955


Jack Tar Rank


Seaman Rank

1 Chevron - Jack Tar 
2 Chevrons - Seaman 
3 Chevrons - Old Salt 
Star - Helmsman  (Added - 1955)
white embroidery on blue

1960 Senior Interest Patch


1963 Senior Interest Patch



One version of the Mariner Girl Scout Pin

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Mariner Girl Scout Pins


Midshipmite Pin



This Mariner Girl Scout doll was available in the 1952 NES catalog for a mere $3.95.

Girl Scout badges with nautical or water themes.


Catalogs carried Mariner Outfits

September 1940


Vintage GS Calendar Picture


October 1937