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Officially, the Wing Scouting program for Senior Girl Scouts began in 1941, but like all programs it had spent years being tested and researched before it's official launch.
 Once the United States entered World War II, the Wing program took on a new importance as civic duty took front stage in the day to day life of Girl Scouts.


Unlike the Mariner Girl Scout program, there never was an official Wing Scout uniform. However, this 1945 catalog image clearly shows that the standard Senior Uniform was certainly acceptable for the Wing Scouts.



Vintage Calendar Picture



Senior Interest Patch 1955


Senior Interest Patch 1960



This patch was sewn to the uniform pocket.





The first formal printed information on the Wing program was a packet that was described in the Senior Girl Scouting in War Time. A 4-page pamphlet was produced in 1944, and a 16-page booklet was issued in 1945, quickly followed by a 20-page edition.



(Deb Friedman's Uniform)

At first there was no official insignia to denote the special ratings of the Wing Scouting program, but that changed in 1955. A Wing Scout Analyst earned her silver wings pin. A Wing Scout Traveler was one chevron, Wing Scout Navigator 2 chevrons, Wing Scout Technician 3 chevrons and a Wing Scout Pilot added the propeller to the top of the 3 chevrons. A Wing Scout Pilot had earned her Pilot's certificate and (or) was an Assistant Leader to a Wing Scout Troop. Chevrons were gold on dark green felt.

Vintage Calendar Picture


Girl Scouting was well ahead of the times by offering an Aviation badge from 1916-1920, however it is not thought that anyone earned the badge. It was reintroduced in 1947.

Earning the Aviation badge while still an Intermediate or Cadette Girl Scout was considered a head start on the Wing Scout program.


image from handbook



(Deb Friedman's Wing Encampment Patch)
Deb Friedman was kind enough
 to share the following information; 
 the 3 chevrons on the uniform are one unit.
 The Rockwood Encampment in 1960
was the first of it's kind in the region.
There were to be 75 participants,
 including Canadian Air Rangers.
Deb also donated the image
of the dark green bordered Wing patch
shown on this page and the Senior Interest Patch page.