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Girl Scout Flags and Friendship Pins


Friendship pins had their start with the Girl Scout Birthday Week gift of a crossed GS and USA flags pin in 1941. The pin was so popular that GSUSA continued to offer it, altering the design over the years. Meant as a token of friendship to other Girl Scouts, Girl Guides and friends not in the Scouting movement, the pins have remained popular.
Generally, friendship and flag pins were not meant for official wear, until recently - when the crossed flag pin was reintroduced in 2002 and allow on uniforms.


Named changed to Friendship Pin in 1952.


(Often mistaken for a 1952 Friendship Pin due to a printing error in the 1st editiion Girl Scout Collector's Guide).



This card was donated to the GSPM by Gayle Breidenbach, who's husband wondered why she hung on to this kind of stuff! The Vintage Girl Scout Online Museum and collectors everywhere understand why - Thanks Gayle!



Not noted as "new", in 1985 the white flag poles appeared and the pin body changed - the area between the top of the poles is now filled in, and the blue "half" of the GS flag looks more like a stripe.








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