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Official Girl-Level Girl Scout Pins

This page covers many of the official pins that were worn only by girls;
Brownie Girl Scouts,
 Intermediate Girl Scouts, who later were divided into the Junior and Cadette Girl Scout programs, and the Senior Girl Scout program.
Some pins are now being reproduced for wear on adult uniforms signifying that they were earned in their youth.

The Wing Pin was silver plated
and cost 40 cents for several years.
 It was worn on the Senior uniform
next to the membership pin.
By 1978 it was no longer official wear
and cost 75 cents.

Membership Stars


At first, the Attendance Proficiency Badge was awarded to girls, but that changed in 1915...

to the sewn-on version of the Membership Star. By 1920, two versions were offered; gold for perfect attendance and silver for 90% attendance.

By 1929, pins had a screw-type backing. In 1930 the bronze star was introduced for Brownies who attended all meetings. Only one absence was allowed. The bronze pin could be transferred to the Girl Scout uniform.

The bronze pin was dropped in 1939 when the Membership petals were introduced.

In 1940, the silver star was dropped when the perfect attendance requirement for the gold was dropped. The Membership star went through some fastener changes with the metal shortages of the World War II.

Plastic color-coded discs as backings to the stars were introduced in 1963 (1984 for Daisys) and continue today.


The special millennium membership backing for the year 2000 - shown with the Brownie disc.

100th Anniversary Disc



Michelle Lee of Spar and Spindle shared the meaning of these tiny stars next to the membership stars on this khaki fabric. ... a Lieutenant who was a member of Troop 1 Chelmsford, MA 1925 - 26.  Eleanor Parkhurst was also a member of a Girl scout Bugle corp.  The tiny stars above her membership stars are for the years she was a member of the bugle group. 



Gold Award
Earned by Seniors only

Silver Award
Could be earned by Cadettes
or Seniors

Bronze Award

1993 - Gold Award Alliance program launched

1996 - Gold Award Alliance pin first offered

Mini parent pin, Gold Award only


Gold Award

2012 - current

Earned by Seniors or Ambassadors



Silver Award
2012 - current

Bronze Award


First Class Pin

Larger Letter Version


Small Letter Version

The First Class Pin was never worn on the Intermediate or Junior/Cadette uniforms - they worn the patch. However, once a girl reached Senior Girl Scouting, the First Class pin was a part of uniformed wear. 
This pin is now being officially reproduced for wear on adult uniforms.

Curved Bar Award

The Curved Bar Award started in 1940 to give First Class Girl Scouts something more challenging to do. At first a gold curved patch was worn on the uniform. 
The pin was introduced in 1947 and was worn on the Intermediate uniform. Discontinued 1963.
Check out the Girl Scout Ranks & Insignia page
for an image of the cloth
Curved Bar Rank Award.


The 5 Point Program began in 1951, however the pin was not introduced until 1955. This program was generally completed in 1 year and the pin was worn in place of the Senior Membership Pin on the uniform.

This little 1/2" gold tone pin was GSUSA's answer to the sorority pin craze of the late 30's and 40's. Senior Girl Scouting had become separate group (along with Intermediate Girl Scouts and Brownies) in 1938. This style of pin was developed to reflect the mood of the time, while remaining a true Girl Scout pin. The traditional logo has 7 stars. The sunburst has 12 beams to show the many directions of Girl Scouting. (Side note: the 5-point star pin was earned and replaced this design on the uniform once the requirements were met). This pin was the membership pin of Senior Girl Scouts until 1963, when they returned to wearing the traditional logo pin.



Girl Scout Service Bar Pins

Check out this new page

for these pins

The first 4 Challenge Pins were introduced in 1963. They were designed to give Cadettes real-life experience and to test their ability, knowledge and skill.  8 Challenge Pins were added in 1972, to continue to challenge Cadettes. This phase brought a change to the way a Cadette could earn her First Class Badge - now it could be earned just by completing the challenges alone - although the 2 other ways were still good - earning badges, and earning badges and challenges together.

1963; Social Dependability, Emergency Preparedness, Active Citizenship, Girl Scout Promise.

1972; Arts, Community Action, Environment, International Understanding, Knowing Myself, My Heritage, Out-of-Doors, Today's World.


1970 era




Actually, according to the newest edition of the Girl Scout Collector's Guide, the Juliette Low World Friendship Pin could be worn by girls and adults who attended a JLWF event.



This pin was earned when a girl
(either a Cadette or Senior)
 completed 25 hours in
the "Pilots" portion of
the "Dreams to Reality:
Adventures in Careers" program
that began in 1978.


Image Donated by 
Christina Moyes







This pin was generally earned by Cadettes
(but could be earned by Seniors)
on their way to earning their Silver Award.
The 4 loops represent;
 Knowing about Girl Scouting,
 Knowing Myself Better,
 Relating to Others Better
and Developing Values for Living.
It was replaced by the
Cadette Challenge in 1987.




This challenge was generally
 earned by Senior Girl Scouts.
The focus of the challenge revolved
 around turning values into action
 by goal setting
 and follow-through with commitments.
It was replaced by the Senior Challenge in 1987.


Pin: 10 hours of training
Patch: 25 hours of training

Current Program Pins

VIT: Volunteer in Training

Girl Scout Leadership
The torch represents lighting
the way for others to follow.
Gold: Senior  1980 - 2010
Gold: Ambassador 2011- current

Silver & Gold: Senior 2011-current
Silver: Cadette or Senior 1980 - 2010
Silver: Cadette Only 2011-current
Red, Junior 1994 - current


Cadette/Senior Safety Award

Junior Safety Award

Brownie Safety Award



At first, council approval
was required to receive this pin,
but that is no longer the case.
It recognizes 10 years of membership
in Girl Scouting as a girl.

Current Safety Awards

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