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Captain Pin 1916-1923

image: Terry Beye

Since Girl Scout leaders (Captains) earned badges and wore the same uniform (with badges and ranks sewn on just like the girls) something had to be done to identify the leaders. Special hat and shoulder cords were worn, and around 1916 the Capitan's Pin was introduced. The gold 3-leaf clover sits atop a red, white and blue shield. In 1917 a Lieutenant's Pin was introduced, to be worn until the adult passed the First Class Rank - when it was switched to the Capitan's Pin. The Lieutenant's Pin was discontinued in 1922. hiker3.jpg

Lieutenant Pin 1917-1922

image: Altvaters



Brown Owl Pin for Brownie Leaders  1927-1938



Early Brownie Girl Scout Leaders had unique pins for their uniforms.
Brown Owls were the leaders
 and Tawny Owls were the assistant leaders
 of the first official Brownie Packs.
 At first the pins were enameled brown,
switching to an orange enamel in 1934.
 The Tawny Owl pin had a design change early on.


Tawny Owl Pin for Assistant Leaders




Donna Coates of Redmond, Oregon writes: 
This was my Mother's leader pin from the 1960's. 
She was a retired school teacher

and took on a brownie troop when she 
was in her late 60's. 
The numeral stands for 5 years as a leader 
and the Brownie for being a Brownie leader.




Guard Pin 
for Brownie Girl Scout Leaders 
This pin is only 1/2"
and was attached to the membership pin
by a small chain.
 Wearing the guard pin replaced
the Brown Owl and Tawny Owl pins for leaders. 
Also - this is the same design
of the original Brownie Girl Scout "elf" pin
- though that pin was larger.


Outstanding Leader 1987-2001


Outstanding Leader 2001 - current


Introduced in 1987
 to recognize the continued training
of Girl Scout Leaders and Co-Leaders.
 Green, silver and gold metal leaves
are attached to show additional training beyond that.



Various Adult Position Pins



Daisy Leader Pin 2004-2006


Brownie Leader Pin 2004-2006


Junior Leader Pin 2004-2006


Studio B Advisor Pin 2004-2006



Volunteer "Shorthand" pins 2012




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