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Stamp Collecting Badge 1963-1980

President Truman signed a bill on July 3, 1948 authorizing the 3-cent Juliette Low stamp. It was rushed into production so that it could be offered for the first time on Juliette Low's birthday, October 31, 1948.

Actual Stamp

Juliette Low Postage Stamp Pin

Juliette Low Postage Stamp Pin

Juliette Low Postage Stamp Swap Pin, homemade

U.S. Postal Service offered this stamp for the 60th Anniversary - no pin is made in this design.

 Trivia Note: The 60th Anniversary Girl Scout Canal Zone U.S. Postage Stamp was designed with Camp Chagres in the background (according to an online source.)


This stamp design was first available on March 12, 1962 in the U.S.

GSUSA 4-cent stamp pin

GSUSA 4-cent stamp pin

Laminated Stamp Pin

This design also comes as a cross-stitch pattern

1987's 75th Anniversary of Girl Scouting brought out several items.

Metal Stamp Pin, version 1

Metal Stamp Pin, version 2 (less detail)

Laminated Stamp Pin




This design also came as a mug, sold through the USPS shops


This design came as a mail-able puzzle postcard



Regular Postcards were also sold