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Senior Girl Scout Roundup 1965

July 17-26
"On the Trail of Tomorrow" Farragut Wildlife Area, Idaho



Official Pin for participants

Why 2 Pins? Holly Barton, formerly of Palm Glades GSC & Housatonic GSC and now of Foothills GSC, answered the question! The round pin was the official pin, the oval pin was a souvenir pin for non-participants. Thanks, Holly



Souvenir Pin

image donated by S Danio



3" Sticker

3" Sticker

Image donated by S. Danio


1965 Round-up Charms


Michelle sent in these great images of her Round-up doll - thanks Michelle!


Metal Roundup tray



Roundup souvenir plate


1965 Roundup Ashtray



Round-Up Tie Clasp

1965 Round-up Sweater Guard

Roundup Key ring


Trinket Box

Metal bookends (the two ends flip up to create the book holder)

Round Up Scrapbook

Roundup ceramic tile

Round-up catalog

1965 Roundup Hankie

Image: Barbara Slaton

Autograph Roundup Pad, courtesy of Coke-Cola

Metal Souvenir Token

Key ring with Plastic Roundup item




Roundup Headscarf

wooden token



July 1965 Golden Magazine - Sally Senior Paper Doll



Tourist Sticker

Rare Arena Event patch


"Blazing a Trail in Friendship"
was the motto of the alternative
Senior Girl Scout Roundup
held in Verona, Italy for
GSUSA members who lived in Europe,
 the Near East and North Africa 
as well as other
Girl Scout/Guides of the area.
Approximately 117 members attended.
It was a 12 day event. 

Carol Weir sent this... I was so surprised to see the patch 
from Verona, Italy.  I have been trying to find out information on 
this event for years.  I was one of the girls in attendance.  I have
a very poor memory of my life, but this is one of the biggest ones
I do remember.  I lived in Heidelberg, Germany at the time, and 
have always thought this event was a Cadette/Senior Encampment, 
not unlike the Senior Round-Ups (but very different).  We had a 
group of 11 Cadettes, 1 Senior and 1 adult in our group.  I know 
that we were not the only Cadettes there because the next year when
France kicked the U.S. out a girl I had met there transfered into my
class in Heidelberg.  We were supported by the military, they put up
tents large enough for the whole troop to sleep in, with cots, they
cooked and served our meals Mess Hall style, but in a tent (even 
made us take a salt tablet every day because of the heat).
I would love to contact some else who was there, help me jog
memories.  I lost all of my Girl Scout items (except my first book)
when we moved.  The mental memories are all I have, and as I 
said they are poor.  I would also like to find one of those patches,
up until a couple of years ago, it was my best Girl Scout memory.
Someday I may tell you the adventure we had on our way to the
encampment, and the impact this group had on my life.  Right now
I would love you to share my name and address with the person who
shared the patch.  I was:
Carol Lynch (nickname at the time NUT)
e-mail address is

Round-up Tape Measure


This record was "Presented for your listening pleasure by Ground Maxwell House Coffee." 

12,000 Girl Scouts sing America's National Favorites

33 1/3 rpm EP, high fidelity. Recorded at the Girl Scout Senior Roundup at Farragut, Idaho, July 1965. Released on the United Artists label.


Record Album Roundup 1965

Roundup sewing kit