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University of the Woods - MACY

The Edith Macy Conference Center is located in Westchester County, just 35 miles north of New York City. It is a year round tribute to Edith Macy's vision of educating Girl Scout leaders.
In 1925 the land was deeded to the Girl Scouts by V. Everit Macy in loving memory of his wife, Edith Carpenter Macy to be used as a National Training School.
It was Juliette Low's dream that the site be used for the first biennial International Conference of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (World Camp), despite the fact that the land was woefully underdeveloped. Although not everyone agreed that this site should be the one picked, everyone banded together to get the site prepared - just barely in time.
On May 11, 1926 Camp Edith Macy opened the International Conference with Juliette Low, Sir Baden-Powell and Lady Baden-Powell and delegates from at least 32 different countries in attendance.
At a ceremonial fire dedicated to the memory of Edith Macy, the National Director of Girl Scouting, Jane Rippen is quoted as saying : Once again Mrs. Low has pointed the way to us, her desire has become our desire; the hope of this world camp, held in our country, would mean one more real step toward the goal that was and is in our hearts - World Peace. 

The site has been known by 4 names; Camp Edith Macy (C.E.M.) - University In The Woods, Edith Macy Training School, Edith Macy Girl Scout National Center and in 1982, Edith Macy Conference Center.

 Participants at Edith Macy receive the "Lamp of Knowledge" pin. Early pins had C.E.M., later pins spelled out MACY. Visitors may purchase the visitor's pin. 

To attend at training at Macy, contact your council office for information and a calendar of classes. Many councils assist adult Girl Scouts in the cost of transportation, trainings and lodging at the conference center through training grants.

Early Bag


Early C.E.M.
participation pin
1 1/2" x 3/4"


Early standard MACY
participation pin


25th Anniversary MACY
participation pin in silver

50th Anniversary MACY
participation pin in gold

Standard smaller MACY
participation pin on card
1" x 1/2"
open handle

The size of the pin was reduced
in 1957

Standard smaller MACY
participation pin with
slight design change. Filled in handle
 pins appear to be newer
 than open handled pins.

75th Anniversary MACY
participation pin
with faux diamond in flame

80th Anniversary MACY
participation pin
with faux emerald in flame


MACY Visitor Pins



The MACY Uniform


Example of the fabric of camp uniforms
Not exactly sure it was for this design of uniform

Other MACY Keepsakes

Sterling Silver MACY charm

MACY Bolo Tie Holder

Edith Macy Training School

75th Anniversary pin
MACY keyring

75th Anniversary Key Holder


Donna K. and her troop on the
Great Hall front steps

The Macy Story Booklet

Early Pennant

MACY Postcards

The MACY Bell

Great Hall

Singing Steps

Great Hall Fireplace

Great Hall Fireplace

Singing Steps

Great Hall Fireplace

The Great Hall

Outdoor Area 1965

Troop House

The Trading Post

It appears this map of Camp Edith Macy is from 1942,
as noted by the briefly used War Service Emblem from the Spring of 1942.

Pictures from my visit to MACY in 1991