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Girl Scout National Training Schools


According to records, Massachusetts Girl Scout Council held the first National Training School for adult Girl Scouts in Winsor School in Brookline, in the summer of 1917.

MACY, of course, is a national school.  Not much more is known about locations of other camps, etc.

Camp Chaparral was the National Training School for adult Girl Scouts on the west coast.

 It was located at Big Basin of Redwood State Park in Santa Cruz County, California.

This brochure from 1939 gives a detailed packing list for those attending trainings that lasted from 2 to 8 weeks.

Adults were to wear "Greenies" - official Girl Scout Adult Camp uniforms while attending training.

The Director of the camp was Vaal Stark, who was a National Staff person.

 Her camp name was Grizzly.

The camp was active in 1925, and as late as this brochure of 1939,

 however, little more is known about this Girl Scout treasure!