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Welcome to the webpage devoted to the darling Daisy Girl Scouts; their history, their uniforms, their jewelry, and such. 
Officially launched in the fall of 1984, the Daisy Girl Scout program was the result of years of study and beta programs for girls as young as 5 years old. 
Could  girls benefit from the Girl Scout program targeted to their age level? Of course they could!
Originally, the program was just for 5 year olds, or in Kindergarten.
Later it was expanded to to 6 year olds, to help girls stay together.

At first, the uniform and other supplies were rather Spartan.
Nothing was available until mid-October 1984.
The Daisy Girl Scout tunic and a make-at-home version, membership pin (first version), plastic year disc (blue), beginning and ending certificates, a clear plastic tote and the Daisy Girl Scout Leader's Guide.
That was it.





By the fall of 1985, more Daisy Girl Scout products were offered and each year seemed to bring new things!

Daisy Girl Scout Troop Flags





The Daisy Girl Scout Uniform through the years



Age and grade level now includes 1st grade and age 6 years.

New design of membership pin and new bridging patch

Yellow felt tab for Daisy membership pin added

1999 - Issues patches allowed on front of Daisy Girl Scout tunic

World Trefoil pin added
 Daisy shirt and shorts added, 
new Daisy Petal program added

2002 - American flag patch added
2003 - Iron On American flag patch added

Yellow troop numerals added
Shirt style changes

Cookie Sale Activity Pin added
American Flag patch design change
Yellow felt tab dropped, grosgrain ribbon added
Daisy Journey Award patch added
Vest design added

Name changed to Girl Scout Daisy
Daisy Shirt design changes
Council Identification patches added
2nd Daisy Journey Award patch added




Daisy Girl Scout Official Patches and Pins





Daisy Hats and Beanies




Daisy Girl Scout Socks and Tights



Daisy Apparel





Daisy Jewelry






Daisy Hair Things!





Daisy Fun Patches





Daisy Fun Stuff






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