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A Brief Review of the Girl Scout Uniforms, Insignia and specialty items

jrscoutuni.jpgFrom the very first days of Girl Scouting in America, there has been a uniform. Though never required, the uniform was encouraged for many reasons; creating a sense of unity, equalizing members from all walks of life, providing recognition for the public and probably most of all - giving the girls a practical outfit to wear while hiking, camping and performing service to the community.

The uniform has come full circle from the very first blue skirt, white blouse and light blue neckerchief. The blue is echoed in today's Daisy smock and blue components of the Cadette and Senior outfits. The khaki has also returned in the new teen uniform. The Brownie uniform still retains the hints of brown from the very early dresses. Last, but not least, today's Junior uniform carries the shades of green that has become "the color" of  Girl Scouting.

This section is only meant to give a brief look at the different uniforms, not detail every change that came along over the years.


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