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Girl Scout Insignia


Position and Patrol Insignia

Troop Treasurer 
d/c 1940


Troop Scribe 
d/c 1940


Patrol Ranks 
Left: Corporal (assistant patrol leader) 
Center Left: Patrol Leader - K 
Center Right: Patrol Leader - GG 
Right: Senior Patrol Leader, name change in 1918 to 
Ex-Patrol Leader 
Chevrons point down 1913-1928 
Chevrons point up 1928-1940

No special insignia for Patrol Leaders from 1940-1963.

Patrol cords introduced 1963 and continue today.

First and Second Class Ranks & Signs
All ranks were discontinued in 1980. Juniors continue to earn "signs", 4 new signs were introduced in the 1980's.


2nd: tan felt, green embroidery 
1st: Open in the center, sewn over the 2nd class rank 
Highest Achievement: Golden Eaglet - 1916

2nd: Khaki with green 
1st: Center filled 
Highest Achievement: Golden Eaglet

Grey Green Fabric 
Highest Achievement: Golden Eaglet


Silver Green 
Highest Achievement: Curved Bar Rank - 1940 
Curved Bar patch d/c 1947, replaced by the Curved Bar Pin


Bright Medium Green 
2nd: green embroidery 
2nd: yellow embroidery - 1955, quickly replaced by 2nd patch with embroidered edge 
Highest Achievement: Curved Bar Rank



Bright Medium Green with Merrow edge 
Highest Rank: Curved Bar Rank


2nd Class rank d/c, replaced by 
Sign of the Arrow 
Sign of the Star 
Highest Achievement: First Class Rank (Cadettes only)


Seaman Rank
1 Chevron - Jack Tar 
2 Chevrons - Seaman 
3 Chevrons - Old Salt 
Star - Helmsman  (Added - 1955)
white embroidery on blue


Wing Scout Analyst - silver wings pin.
Wing Scout Traveler - one chevron
 Wing Scout Navigator - 2 chevrons
 Wing Scout Technician - 3 chevrons
 Wing Scout Pilot -  propeller


Early Brownie Gold Bar and Gold Hand Ranks





Rare Brown Brownie Wings 1931-1934
Old green felt and yellow embroidery wings 1935 - 1970's
Newer green and yellow wings with thermoplastic backing - current
Brownie Wings were never worn on the Brownie uniform. The first wings - the red, white and green version was a direct copy of the United Kingdom's Brownie wings. The brown version of the wings were smaller and meant to match with the current Girl Scout uniform. The final version has grown larger throughout the years.
Brownie wings have signified passage from Brownies to Girl Scouts. During a brief time the wings were given out for Brownies who have achieved the Golden Hand rank. Later this was changed to Brownies who have participated in a special "Fly-Up" ceremony and even later just to indicate passed membership with Brownies.



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