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Official Girl Scout Shoes

The first official Girl Scout shoes were listed as a paid advertisements in the fall 1928 catalog. There were 2 brands, the Cantilever and the Sportster, each with only one design of shoe. It's interesting to note that these shoe ads were the first of any paid advertisements in the catalogs. Other shoes were offered as early as spring of 1928, but these did not seem to have the official Girl Scout label or endorsement. Various ads over the years noted that shoes designs were "approved" for Girl Scouts. The styles and designs of the shoes were tightly controlled by Girl Scouts during the first few years.

Fall 1928

1928 advertisement

Fall 1928 - Sportster

In the 1930 fall catalog there was only one "brand" of Girl Scout shoes, the Sportster, offering 5 different styles - 3 of which are shown below.

1930 Style 150

1930 Style 150 advertisement

1930 Style 150






This Sportster Box is a rare find!

Fall 1931 - the first official athletic shoe for Girl Scouts

The Ped-A-Pivot Health Shoe was introduced in the fall of 1931. Although these shoes seem to be exactly the same design as the 1930's Sportster line, they were manufactured and distributed by the Brown Company and 3 other companies (combined) rather than the Sportster line. The Brown Shoe Company later becomes famous as Buster Browns.

Fall 1931 brought the official Ped-A-Pivot Health Shoe


1931 Ped-A-Pivot Health Shoe Style 1 & 2


The white and green canvas shoes were launched in 1932 by Firestone. The shoe on the right may have been launched in 1931 (see above), but it did not list a manufacturer.


The new sleeker Girl Scout Trademark is shown in the 1932 spring catalog, along with the Buster Brown label. Although the ad touts new styling of the 3 designs offered in 1931, they appear to be the same as 1930.


In 1933 the Melanson Shoe Company enters the competition for the official Girl Scout shoe market. Their shoes are easily identified by wording on the outside of the shoe.

In 1935 the first official Mariner Girl Scout canvas shoes are offered. Made by Firestone, they were the same design as the green and white versions shown above - only all white.

1935 official Mariner all-white canvas shoes

1935 official Mariner all-white canvas shoes

1935 also brought new designs to the Melanson line of Girl Scout shoes and dropped the Official Girl Scout wording on the outside of the shoe.

1936 brought a style changes to the Brown Shoe Company's Ped-A-Pivot line.

1936 also brought Melanson's version of the official Mariner shoe:

In 1937 shoe ads disappeared from the Girl Scout catalogs. Instead a page showing a variety of shoes (and official Girl Scout socks) with the note that you must contact either Brown Shoe Company or Melanson Shoe Company to find dealers of official Girl Scout shoes. One notable change is that the U.S. Rubber Company is now making the canvas shoes for Girl Scouts, not Firestone, and they are available through the catalog. They are called Girl Scout Keds.

1938 brings a change in the official logo of Girl Scout shoes.


From 1937 through 1943 the group page of Girl Scout shoes, generally unidentifiable, continues. In 1940 the list of shoe companies changes to Brown Shoe Company and the Curtis - Stephens - Embry Company. All shoes are dropped from the 1944 catalog due to war time restrictions, except for a camp moccasin (not identified as being official), but notes that it is a restricted item. 1945 brings back the group shoe page, but with new styles and a new official shoe logo.






This Curtis-Stephens-Embry Co. Shoe box carries the old logo (seen above) and the newer 1952 logo shown below.


1952 a new official shoe logo is shown and in 1954 a new shoe company is added to the list: International Shoe Company.

These two-tone shoes carry the 1952 logo





1955 brings the first official Brownie Scout shoes and the first mention of Avonite Soles, although the word shows up on older shoes. These shoes ran for a few years in the catalogs.



The Brownie Scout Shoe logo

1959 launches the Brownie Lite-N-Dry Boots





1962 was the last time an official Girl Scout shoe was shown in a catalog.

1963 was the last time official Girl Scout shoes was mentioned in the catalogs.

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