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Girl Scout's 75th Anniversary

"Tradition with a Future"

Unlike the stiff, formal catalog cover of the 50th Anniversary, the 75th Anniversary catalog cover showed a more relaxed group of uniformed Girl Scouts. The amount of merchandise with the dynamic 75th logo was limited in the catalog, but it's likely that councils were able to ordered additional items locally.

Although not offered in the 1987 catalog, an embroidered patch with white stars was readily available, possibly due to demand for the embroidered patch.

Aproximately 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" paperweight, likely an item available through council offices.


A careful eye will note that the Collector's Guide cover is different from what was really available. Perhaps it was a draft or proto-type. It was corrected by the 1988 catalog.

The 1987 Girl Scout Calendar reflected the dynamic logo.

The United States Postal Service issued a new stamp for the 75th Anniversary. Several items followed with the stamp design on it such as; earrings, pins, postcards, paperweights.

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